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Solar Panel Repairs Brisbane

Maintain your solar panels with our professional electricians


At Safe & Sure we deliver solar repairs Brisbane wide, keeping your solar power system in optimum condition all year round.

Our certified electricians are highly experienced in solar repairs and system maintenance, ensuring that they are running safely and proficiently to keep your energy bills lower and your energy efficiency higher.

We provide full repair services for every part of your system, including testing voltages and checking the inverters, isolators and solar panels for functionality and effectiveness.

The solar panel team at Safe & Sure also offers professional recommendations and advice to help you maintain the quality of your solar system and increase its efficiency day-to-day.

With expert solar electricians, we provide quality solar repairs in Brisbane for all brands and types of systems.

Our clear, upfront pricing structure includes the initial diagnostic cost and call-out fee and we will always try and get your solar power system repaired during this appointment, if possible.

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Solar repairs taking place by two technicians on a Brisbane home and roof.


Get your solar system back up and running today. For cost-effective and functional solar repairs for your home or commercial building, contact us now to book your diagnostic repair appointment.


Signs Your Solar System Needs Repairing

You may not realise straight away that your solar power system is faulty or ineffective, and in need of a repair or service.

But it’s important to keep a close eye on your system so that you can spot issues as soon as they occur, and to prevent problems from worsening with time.

Here are some of the most obvious signs to look out for:

  • Solar inverter is showing an error code or fault such as DC INJ OUTPUT ERROR, RELAY ERROR or GRID NOT PRESENT
  • Solar inverter is blank or looks like it’s switched off
  • Daily energy output on a sunny day has decreased
  • Your property has recently experienced a hail storm
  • Your electricity bill is not showing any solar output

If your system is showing decreased efficiency or any other signs of faults, please book a solar repair assessment today with one of our certified solar technicians.

Repairing Systems & Solar Panels Brisbane Wide

Make certain you get the most value from your solar power system. A Safe & Sure solar repairs Brisbane electrician checking your system ensures 100% power efficiency!


General Solar System Maintenance Checklist


Once A Week:Electricians on ladder repairing solar panels on a roof.

  • Check your inverter is operating
  • Check your inverter is recording solar output


Once Every 3 Months:

  • Check for any overhanging branches or vegetation that may be shading your solar panels and reducing its performance
  • Check for any build-up of tree and plant debris behind your solar panels and framing
  • Check for any build-up to dust, dirt and bird droppings


Once A Year:

  • Arrange a system performance and maintenance check with Safe & Sure. We can provide a comprehensive system monitoring and thorough inspection of each component.
    This includes the solar panels, fuse boxes, other junction boxes, breakers and isolators, inverters and framing system to make sure that every part is contributing effectively to the overall system performance.