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Smoke Alarm Installation

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Installation

Did you know about 30% of the homes we visit have faulty smoke alarms? We find that pretty scary. PSA_photoelectric_smoke_alarm

We’re very passionate at Safe & Sure about smoke alarms, that’s why we put the ‘safe’ is in our name. We can supply and install a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm so you and your family can sleep soundly. As the sense of smell isn’t active during sleep, it’s often the case that victims of a fire are overcome shortly after waking, by fumes and toxic smoke. Lives saved from a house fire are more often than not the product of a working fire alarm.

Photoelectric smoke alarms can be hard wired into your home, they can also be ‘inter-connecting’ so all the alarms sound when one is activated.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Service recommend all homes are fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms because they:

  • give earlier warnings for smouldering fires, which are one of the most common types of domestic fires, than other types of smoke alarms
  • provide the best detection across a range of fires
  • are less likely to emit nuisance or false alarms
  • do not contain radioactive material.

What Is Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Technology?

When smoke or dust enters the light path, some light is scattered or absorbed. The result of a reduction of light falling upon the photosensitive receiver will cause an alarm. Photoelectric smoke alarms are best for detecting smouldering fires, these are designed to detect smoke sooner than a ionisation one.

Our personal recommendation is to go with the higher quality Photoelectric Smoke Alarm from PSA, they have been ‘protecting Australian’s for over 25 years’. They are Australian designed and patented. They have extra large Test & Hush buttons making it easy to reach with a broom handle. They 240 volt ‘hard wired’ with have a 9v battery back up.

Do You Have Kids?

Families with small children often use heaters and humidifiers in the kids bedrooms during winter, for this reason, it’s really worth thinking about putting smoke alarms in their rooms. And most likely will continue to benefit you when they’re older and they leave their hair straightening irons on.

Your Home Smoke Alarm Obligations In Queensland

By law, all homes and units in Queensland must be fitted with smoke alarms. It is your responsibility to make sure you have a working smoke alarm installed.

  • Homes built before 1 July 1997 must have at least one 9-volt battery-operated smoke alarm
  • Homes built or significantly renovated after 1 July 1997 must have a 240-volt (hard-wired) smoke alarm.

By law, a smoke alarm must be installed on or near the ceiling in a hallway or area close to bedrooms and the rest of the house (in a multi-storey house, a smoke alarm must be installed on each level). Anyone who sleeps with their door closed should have a smoke alarm installed in their bedroom.

Rental Property Smoke Alarm Obligations In Queensland

The new legislation makes lessors accountable for the conducting of thorough smoke alarm checks, including cleaning, battery replacement and testing within 30 days of a new tenancy. It is crucial to note that this new legislation also includes renewal agreements.
  • Following this initial test, the tenant assumes responsibility for the conducting of thorough checks, cleans and battery replacement every 12 months
  • The Lessor is legally required to provide the tenant with ‘rental rules’ documenting further legal requirements regarding the upkeep of functional smoke alarm system.
  • The tenant must also notify the lessor if the smoke alarm system fails other than a flat battery.

Smoke Alarm Testing Service

For a very low cost our electricians can test your smoke alarms. If you own a rental property you have an obligation and duty of care to have working smoke alarms.