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Ceiling Fan Installation

Our licensed electricians have plenty of experience with ceiling fan installation. We are able to create solutions to meet the needs of you, our customer and working with the building structure of your home.

Considerations for choosing a ceiling fan:

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to keep cool and very cost efficient to run. It’s important to know, not all ceiling fans are created equal! Things to evaluate in choosing a fan:

  • Level of air flow it provides
  • Obviously the look
  • Of course that it’s quiet
  • Functional use – fans with remote control are handy in bedrooms if you want to put the light or fan on or off in the middle of the night.

There’s nothing more annoying than a squeaking or clicking fan noise when you’re trying to sleep or watch TV. Our personal favourite is the Lucci range of fans. Why? Because they match our criteria, they’re high quality, a great looking range, provide great air flow, are quiet and have a great product warranty.

How much does a ceiling fan installation cost?

Ceiling fans are one of those electrical jobs that is difficult to give a firm quote without seeing the job site as every home is different. Ceiling fan installation is dependent on a few factors:

  1. Ceiling access – pitch in the roof, man hole access
  2. Low-set or double storey – installing fans in a downstairs is possible
  3. Mounting – is timber in the ceiling at fan installation point
  4. Safety – is there an earth cable, if not we have to by law install one
  5. Materials Required – length of cable & switches
  6. Fan assembly – some of the cheaper fans are more difficult and have more components

As a guide, takes about an hour per fan and with any electrical job there’s an economy of scale, the more fans for install, the cheaper the per fan rate becomes. Our electricians will confirm the price on the day of install when they’re able to view and assess the specific safety and functional requirements of your home.

Be Comfortable This Summer!

We make it easy for you and save you time!

Choose from our range below we’ll bring the fans for your installation, all Lucci fans installed by Safe & Sure come with a 3 year warranty.

Supply and Install –  INDOOR FANS – Wooden Ceiling Fan Range

 Lucci Air Futura Ceiling Fan


Lucci Air Futura Eco Fan With Light – Indoor

Great fan with LED globes.


Supply and Install –  INDOOR FANS – Metal Ceiling Fan Range

For a more budget conscious choice, these Airfushion Metal Ceiling fans are a great economical choice.

 Airfushion Command Metal Ceiling Fan

Supply and Install – OUTDOOR FANS – Acrylic Ceiling Fan Range









Already purchased your ceiling fans?

We also do install only of ceiling fans you have may have purchased from an electrical retail store.

We can supply and install ceiling fans for you or just do the install if you’ve already made your selection. Fill out the contact us form or call 3269 9773. We’d love to help you.