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Keeping Up To Date With Electrical Safety In Your Brisbane Home

When it comes to keeping our families and homes protected from harm, most of us realise that going the extra mile is worth it. So, when it all comes down to keeping safe, how can you be reassured that your electrical system is working the way it should? We break it down to a few simple checks that you can carry out in your home.

It may be made easier to divide your checks into internal areas and external areas of the home. A quick check can give you confidence in outdoor areas, for example:

Christmas lights – Especially during the festive months, we tend to use more outdoor lighting appliances and insect repellent systems that may be electrically operated. Loading points from an outdoor point requires special care and real attention to safety. Never run equipment not intended for outdoor use on an outdoor point. Don’t overload points and invest in heavy-duty power boards if you want to go all out with lights and festive decorations.

Power lines – Check for overhanging branches and obstructions to your electrical line. You should call your council as soon as possible to deal with plant life on your property if it compromises your home safety.

Recreational areas – remember to check pool lights and all fittings in your outdoor areas that are exposed to weather. Heavy-duty outdoor electrical equipment rarely faults, but this certainly doesn’t mean you should leave it out of your checks.

A simple indoor check can identify any concerns with:

Switches and fittings – Check for any unsecured or exposed wiring. Never attempt to fix these problems yourself. If you find a problematic switch, you can cover it with tape to ensure no one uses it until it is repaired.

Appliances – Keep them away from water sources and always disconnect by holding the plug, not the cord. Check for fraying, loose fixtures, or appliance settings that don’t sit correctly.

Power boards – Invest in power boards with their own safety switch if you can, Check for overloading, especially in teenagers’ rooms where they may be prone to overload. Make sure everyone in the home is up to date with how to use power boards safely.

Above all, always use the services of a trusted electrical contractor when you need to fix an electrical problem. Safe & Sure Electricians are among Brisbane’s most trusted Electricians. We’re recognised for providing the highest standard of work while prioritising your safety and never cutting corners to save time. We believe strongly in doing the job right, because your safety matters.

For more information regarding our services in the Brisbane and surrounding areas, please contact the office number provided. We look forward to chatting with you.

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