Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Service for Your Home

Are you ready to install a new air conditioning unit, but still not sure how to make your choice? Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning have installed and serviced air conditioners as a specialty service for many years in the Brisbane region. We offer fast, convenient, and local services, so let us help you [Read More…]

Air Conditioner Servicing – Handy Info, Hints, And Tips

Homes are heating up! Not surprisingly, many people have already switched on their air conditioning units a little earlier than usual this year, and if this speaks anything for the summer to come, then we’re in for a very warm one indeed. Before you start turning to your air conditioning unit for comfort this season, [Read More…]

Solar power- is this power source right for me?

Solar Panels

With the increase of people choosing to benefit from natural energy solutions, you may be considering making the swap to a cleaner, money saving solution for yourself. What is Solar Energy? Solar radiation, or energy from the sun, provides us with more than enough energy to power our everyday appliances and facilities. Energy from the [Read More…]

Are You Interested in Switching to Tariff 33?

tariff 33

Unsure of the benefits to you? Want to know how to go about it? Up to 60% of Queenslanders have currently applied for and are taking advantage of the savings Tariff 33 has to offer. This economy tariff works by reducing the peak demand of electrical needs by up to a 32% of overall costs, and [Read More…]

What’s all the hype about LED?

led lighting

LIGHTING OF THE FUTURE. The evolution of light sources has altered dramatically in recent times. A spike in the focus of efficient lighting over recent years has welcomed the introduction of LED lighting. LED lighting is cheaper to run, it uses less energy and has less heat output also reducing strain on room cooling. While [Read More…]