Hiring an Electrician – What to Include on Your Checklist

Electricians are experts trained to handle anything electrical. Wiring, rewiring, repairs, and replacements for your electrical system must be handled by a qualified electrician. According to the NSW Fair Trading website, it is illegal for anyone other than a licenced electrical to handle the installation, repairs, alterations, removal, or addition of any kind of electrical … Continued

The best reasons to call your electrician

Are you a problem procrastinator? Do you find yourself putting minor concerns on the backburner time and time again, letting them bubble away while you go about your day? Don’t underestimate the importance of being on top of your home electrical maintenance. Ignoring an electrical quirk can be a mistake you can’t afford to make. … Continued

Does your home need rewiring?

Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, it isn’t always easy to tell if your home requires electrical rewiring.  There are many hidden reasons that can inhibit the safety of your home and your family, so without a real reason to go ahead and make the appropriate change, assessing the need for home rewiring is often a … Continued

Are You Interested in Switching to Tariff 33?

Unsure of the benefits to you? Want to know how to go about it? Up to 60% of Queenslanders have currently applied for and are taking advantage of the savings Tariff 33 has to offer. This economy tariff works by reducing the peak demand of electrical needs by up to a 32% of overall costs, and … Continued