Home Automation Technology That Is Already Available

Home automation, also referred to as domotics, provides a way for homeowners to control various activities, features, and appliances in their homes. You’ve seen it in movies and on TV for years, but now it’s a reality. What are the benefits of home automation? Areas Where You Can Benefit From Using Home Automation Security Homeowners are … Continued

Strategic Lighting Tips for Your Home

Lighting Tips for SAFETY remember to consult with quality electricians before installing lighting in your home. How do you choose your home lighting on a strategic level? Simply put, you choose lighting according to the type of environment or atmosphere you want for each room. So what factors are important to consider?  The following lighting tips … Continued

8 Signs Your Home Needs an Electrical Safety Check

Most Australian homes use some form of electrical power.  A home electrical safety check is important to maintain the safety of your loved ones living in your household. Would you recognise the warning signs of looming electrical problems? Some are clear and easy to recognise, but some aren’t so simple. Below are 8 key warning signs you … Continued

Air Conditioning 101

The two main things that most people know about air con is that they can turn it off and on and adjust the controls. Beyond that, the average person takes it for granted until it stops working. Here, we will discuss the basics that everyone should know about air con. Types of Air Conditioners Ducted … Continued

Preparing for your Air Conditioning Installation

Do you want to make sure that your Air Con installation is smooth and perfectly executed? While the most important aspects of installation are certainly up to your technician there are a few ways in which you can make sure that the installation of your Air Con system is a seamless and perfectly planned event. … Continued

How to maintain your outdoor air conditioning unit motor

Air conditioners come in a range of standards and sizes. From small portable coolers that can be installed with just a little work, right through to the units that require a large outdoor exhaust that can be placed on your roof or in a less obtrusive place outside your home. air conditioner maintenance Do you … Continued

The Cost of Air Conditioning Repair?

Preventative Maintenance is the key! During Brisbane’s hot summer months everyone wants their air conditioner to operate at optimum capacity. A properly maintained air conditioner will be reliable cooling source when you need it most.  With Australia’s climate, air con repair companies suggest regular preventative maintenance should be carried out once a year. If your unit … Continued

So You Want to Install Ceiling Fans?

So You Want To Install A Ceiling Fan? Anybody who has a ceiling fan in their home will tell you it was a smart move. During hot months a ceiling fan can bring the cooling comfort of a breeze. There is probably no more energy efficient way to have a cooling system than putting in … Continued