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April 1st is National ‘Don’t be a Fool Day’


Smoke alarmDedicated to promoting safety and awareness through monitored checks of your home’s smoke alarm system, April 1st is National ‘Don’t be a Fool Day’.

Behind the humour in the catchy title, there’s an important message of awareness, and a critical need for Australian homeowners to be proactive in assessing their smoke alarm systems.

An alarming number of fatalities each year in Queensland indicate the opportunity to avoid these tragic circumstances by simply conducting routine smoke alarm system checks. In fact, up to 30% of homes serviced by Safe & Sure technicians are living with faulty smoke alarms, and as champions of the safest living environments possible for those we are responsible for, this is a deeply disturbing fact.

When a house fire can be started by something as innocent as a humidifier in your child’s bedroom, or an iron left on and forgotten, those moments of notice from your smoke alarm, especially during deep sleep, may be the ones that save your life.
For anyone who escaped a house fire because of a working smoke alarm, there will be no doubt in their mind that routine checks of that device are absolutely essential.

Are you the lessor of a rented home? It’s important you get this message:

The recently passed legislations that make homeowner/lessors accountable for verifying a working smoke alarm system in a rented home have raised the bar on safety awareness. Though most older homes and all new homes are now fitted with smoke alarms, there are responsibilities for both the lessor and the tenant.

Lessors have an obligation to install smoke alarms that are compliant into their rental properties. Cleaning and testing all smoke alarms at the property within 30 days of the start of a tenancy, including renewal agreements.

Tenants have an obligation to replace batteries in smoke alarms during a tenancy if the battery goes flat. The tenant must clean and test the alarm if their tenancy is 12 month agreement or longer. The tenant must also notify the lessor if the smoke alarm system fails other than a flat battery.

The Lowdown on Smoke Alarm Systems

Smoke alarm systems should be replaced at most every 10 years. Systems past this age may no longer work effectively, so it’s important to have them decommissioned and replaced with a government recommended photoelectric smoke alarm system.

How many smoke alarms will my home need, and where will they need to be placed?

Each level of your home should be considered very carefully by a professional when installing your smoke alarm system. Depending on the size of your dwelling, you may need a number of alarms. For those with young children, installation of a smoke alarm in bedrooms is recommended, especially if you use humidifiers or heaters during the night. Hallways and your designated escape routes should also be considered for fitting. For the safest system, always refer to a licensed electrician for help.

In the past I’ve had trouble with nuisance smoke alarms going on and off without reason. Is this just part and parcel of a necessary safety measure?

One of the biggest signposts that your alarm is faulty and should be assessed includes random triggering of the device. If you’ve had the displeasure of dealing with a rogue smoke alarm in the past, it is understandable that you want to get rid of it! However, today’s alternatives offer safer, faster and less troubled models that are far more efficient in doing their job.

There are hundreds of alternative alarm systems on the market. Which is best?

Because of their high quality and reliability, Safe & Sure electricians recommend photoelectric smoke alarms. In tune with our commitment to keeping you safe, we recommend this type of alarm because of its ability to detect smouldering fires, (which are one of the most common household fires) and fires that begin in areas further away from the alarms. The sensitivity of a photoelectric alarm sets a new precedent in smoke detectors of today.

Smoke alarms are often referred to as the cheapest form of insurance a homeowner can take out. When it comes down to keeping those you love safe, there can be no better way to manage routine maintenance checks in the home than to work to a schedule.

Safe & Sure Electricians and Air Conditioning conduct thorough, professional assessments and testing on home smoke alarm systems and can offer you expert advice on fitting the best smoke alarm system to suit your need. We use only the superior photoelectric smoke alarms, with your safety as priority at all times.

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