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Air Conditioning Services In Underwood – Installation, Repair & Service

Air Conditioning Installation Underwood

We are a trusted air conditioning services company that services Underwood. If you need air conditioner installation, servicing or repairs. Safe & Sure has the licensed air conditioning technicians for split or ducted air conditioner systems, whatever system you have or need. We can repair and services all brands of air conditioners, give us a call to discuss your needs.

Exclusive Authorised Partner Deals

Safe & Sure is an authorised partner of Fujitsu, Panasonic and LG air conditioners, we get exclusive access to partner deals that we offer to our customers for new split and ducted air conditioning systems.

Free No Obligation Air Conditioning Installation Quote

Not sure what’s the best air conditioning solution? Safe & Sure experienced technicians are happy to come and give you a no obligation quote for the supply & install of your new air conditioning unit.

Get Your Air Conditioning Installed and Pay Later

Safe & Sure offer flexible interest free payment plans from a few leading lending companies. If you’re after an interest free payment plan for your split or ducted air conditioning installation simply give us a call 3269 9773 to book your quote or fill out the contact request form

Air Conditioning Repairs Underwood

Got A Problem With Your Air Conditioner in Underwood?

Safe & Sure repair all brands of air conditioners in Underwood. We repair all air conditioning systems, ducted, cassette, multi head and single split system units.

We have technicians that live locally in the Underwood area so we can get you up and running again quickly, our technician will attend site to diagnose your air conditioners issue.

Some of the common signs that your air conditioner needs a repair:

  • Not blowing air
  • Not feeling cool or warm enough
  • Water is leaking from the head unit
  • Not turning on
  • Is tripping circuit in switchboard
  • Unit turns on, runs, then turns itself off
  • Banging noises or burning smells


We Repair Both Office and Home Air Conditioning Unit Systems

Safe & Sure air conditioning technicians arrive on time and our team will give you quick answers so that you can make the most cost-effective decision about your air conditioning unit
as soon as possible. At Safe & Sure, we want to have your air conditioner up and running to keep you cool or warm again as soon as possible.

Call 3269 9773 and we can book in your diagnostic air conditioner repair in Underwood or fill out the quick contact form on this page now.


Air Conditioning Service In Underwood

Six Step Split Air Conditioning Service in Underwood 

Air conditioners are one of the hardest working appliances in your home and should be serviced yearly. Having a professional annual air conditioning service has many benefits.

  • improves unit energy efficiency
  • minimises the risk of breakdowns
  • keep a hygienic air environment
  • help prevent rodents nesting
  • improves units heating and cooling

Safe & Sure service split air conditioners in Underwood from just $179 inc GST, and if you have more than one split unit, we’ll do each additional unit for only $89! Don’t neglect your air conditioning system risking it to fail when you need it the most. We only use licensed air conditioning technicians to service your air conditioning units, other companies use cleaners, make sure you only trust your units with professionals

Signs that your air conditioner needs a service:

  • Funny or bad smells
  • Reduced air flow
  • Mould, mildew or dust are evident
  • Ants or other animals seen coming out of the unit
  • Household member smokes indoors
  • It’s been longer than 12 months since your last service, or it’s never been serviced

So don’t leave your split system at risk any longer, give us a call or fill out the contact form to book your air conditioning service appointment.

When A Major Air Conditioning Split System Service Is Required

Split air conditioners that haven’t been regularly serviced, or never serviced at all, may need a major service.

Safe & Sure’s major split system service involves dismantling and cleaning – particularly removing the fan-barrel and drain pan. This is required when there is significant dirt, mould or debris built up internally, tar build-up from indoor smoking is also another common reason why a major service might be in order. Major services take longer than the standard service and extra charges apply.

Ducted Air Conditioning Service in Underwood

Your ducted air conditioning system has been a considerable investment therefore it makes sense to look after your investment with a regular clean.

Our ducted service includes checking over the unit for common problem areas, checking the air and gas pressures, cleaning the grill and filters, cleaning the drain and monitoring the flow of the system. If internal roof access permits we will check the duct, drain and fan unit in the ceiling.  For the outdoor unit we check the fan, compressor area and exposed pipes.

Call us now to book your ducted air conditioning service.

Safe & Sure experienced licensed air conditioning technicians are ready to give you great service in Underwood for all your air conditioning needs.