8 Signs Your Home Needs an Electrical Safety Check

Most Australian homes use some form of electrical power. 

A home electrical safety check is important to maintain the safety of your loved ones living in your household.

Would you recognise the warning signs of looming electrical problems? Some are clear and easy to recognise, but some aren’t so simple. Below are 8 key warning signs you should be aware of in your home, and contact a licensed technician if you experience any of them.

8 Warning Signs

  1. Flickering lights – flickering lights could signal a variety of issues – a home electrical safety check can determine what action is required.
  2. Damaged electrical fittings – Discoloured, singed, cracked, or melted power points could be a sign that your wiring is overheating. If you notice these issues, call a licensed electrician directly.  Ask for a safety check and don’t risk your safety.
  3. Getting shocked by appliances – If you get a little tingle or a shock from your appliances, electronics, or power tools, turn the device off straight away. Report the problem to your power company and stay away from the appliance until the issue is fixed.
  4. Getting a zap from a tap or metal fitting – Call your power provider if you feel a shock or tingle from a metal fitting or a tap in your house.
  5. Sparking or noisy switches – Noticing a little flash when you turn on a power point or switch is normal, but excessive sparks or loud noises coming from these power sources is a bad sign. Call a licensed electrician to check the power point or switch.
  6. Blown circuit breakers or fuses – If you experience frequent issues with blown fuses and/or circuit breakers, that is a serious sign of an issue with your wiring that needs to be addressed right away. A licensed electrician can help evaluate and make the appropriate repairs.
  7. Appliance efficiency issues – Anytime you have an appliance that acts up by not working as fast as usual, you should call a licensed electrician to look at it. Whether it’s a kettle, toaster, or other appliance, make sure it’s turned off, and unplugged, or it could cause other issues for your home wiring.
  8. Earthing wires inspections – It’s recommended that you have your earthing wires inspected once a year to ensure there are no problems with your system. Earthing wires are designed to conduct stray electrical current into the ground safely, and forms part of a wider home electrical safety check.

Electricity must be monitored to remain safe. Be an aware homeowner and recognise the signs of electrical problems and address them immediately to prevent fires and other electrical problems.

Don’t risk the safety of your home and family if you see any of these electrical warning signs in your home. Contact us today.

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