Who’s DNA is lurking in your air conditioning unit?

Air conditioning is something we take for granted these days. It runs when we need it and often, we don’t think much about it, but did you know your air conditioning could be making you unwell?

Have you noticed any of these symptoms lately?

Dry eyes, coughing, hay fever-like symptoms, dry or sore throat and nasal blockage…

You might be surprised to know these conditions can be caused by contaminants regularly found in split system. They can have a negative effect on indoor air quality and your health and general wellbeing.

If you don’t regularly maintain your air conditioner, over time it can become contaminated.

What can contaminate your split system air conditioner?

Think about how the system works. It sucks air in, cools it and blows it back out again. This means it’s inhaling all the dust, pollen, animal hair, mould spores and bacteria in the atmosphere.

You can imagine how many contaminants your system will accumulate if you don’t look after it.

How do you maintain a healthy air conditioning system?

Cleaning your filters is just the start.

You probably do what you can to maintain your air conditioning system. You might clean the dust and visible dirt from the filters of your air conditioner. You may even regularly wash them down. The problem is that once your system is turned back on, it gradually becomes contaminated again.

Inside your air conditioner is a warm and moist environment which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. It has moisture and food from the remnants of DNA collected in the innermost depths of your unit.

The germs you don’t see…

Unless you take the system apart, you won’t see what’s going on inside and you won’t be able to clean the parts which hold most of the bacteria.

The indoor coil, fan and drain pan and line hold most of the mould and bacteria which could be making you and your family ill.  These parts can’t be reached from the outside and should not be touched except by an air conditioning expert.

Here’s the solution.

If you want to be sure you and your family are breathing clean and uncontaminated air inside your home, the solution is to have your air conditioner professionally cleaned. You need to do this once every year or more often if you use your air conditioner a lot.

Our Safe & Sure refrigeration mechanics will thoroughly clean your unit using environmentally friendly HVAC cleaning products which will also slow down the rate or recontamination.

How do they clean your split system?

Our experienced and qualified experts will take your system apart so they can reach deep inside to clean the filters, evaporator coils, condensate drain pan, and supply and return-air grilles. Because we use non-toxic cleaning products, you can relax, knowing your air conditioner is clean and so is the air you are breathing.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner.

Because the quality of your air depends on the cleanliness of your air conditioning system, we recommend arranging a regular maintenance schedule with our team.

Not only will this help keep you healthy, it will keep your air conditioner running efficiently. You’re going to save money on running costs once the system is cleaned as it won’t have to work so hard to keep the room cool.

If you’re ready to have your split system checked and made free from contaminants, contact the team at Safe & Sure today on 1300 507 735.

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