What to do when the power trips

It’s a time of year when we rely on electricity to run the air conditioning to keep us cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, everyone is doing the same thing, and at peak times, our power can switch off. Unless there’s a general outage, the cause is usually a circuit breaker which has tripped.

Trips happen when your wiring is becoming overloaded. With the air conditioner using a lot of power, and possibly fans or coolers running in other parts of the house, the circuit can struggle to cope. It does this to stop a short circuit or prevent the wiring and fuse box from catching fire.

What do you do when the power trips?

First of all, don’t panic. It’s quite easy to restore the power to your home.

  1. Turn your appliances off and unplug them, including computers and similar devices. Turn off your lights and anything which draws on the power.
  2. If it’s dark, grab a torch so you can see clearly.
  3. Find your power box, usually located on an external wall.
  4. Open the power box and look inside. You’ll see a row of circuit breakers, each with a flip switch on them. One will have the switch set to a different position than the others; it will be off while the others are still on.
  5. Flip the switch that is in the off position back to the on position.
  6. Check inside the property to make sure your power is restored.
  7. Gradually plug your appliances back in and turn them on one-by-one. If the circuit breaker is tripped again, unplug the last appliance, reset the breaker switch and try again.
  8. If the power is tripped by the same appliance each time, remove the appliance or device and have it checked or replaced.
  9. If the power trips again, it’s time to book an electrician to inspect the power box and your electrical wiring.

What to do if your power trips more than once

If your power trips off, it could be a sign that you have a problem. Call an electrician straight away. Your electrician will inspect your circuits. It might mean you need an upgrade to your power box, with new circuits added to cope with high demand appliances.

While it’s easy to restore power after a circuit trips, pay attention to how often it happens and what power or appliance you are using when it happens. Call your reliable Safe and Sure Electricians, Air Conditioning, Solar and Smoke Alarms on 1300 507 735 and pass that information on when you book us for inspection.

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