What Is A Smart Meter?

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Anyone who pays an electric bill knows what and where their home’s electrical meter is located.  A smart meter works by measuring the amount of electricity you use to determine your bill.

How exactly do smart meters work?

The great part about smart meters is that they allow a two-way road for communication unlike traditional electricity meters that only allow inbound communication. When a smart meter tracks your electricity consumption, it uploads a report onto a website that allows you to compare your consumption and costs to others around you in your neighborhood.

What exactly does a smart meter monitor?

Simple. It monitors real time energy consumption, power outages with notifications as well as electricity quality monitoring thanks to an AMR (automated meter reading).

This all happens via a low-power radio transmitter that meet the standards for Australian safety standards. Because of this, smart meters are approved by both the ARPNSA and ACMA.

Smart Meter Controversy

But there is a controversy that comes with these new meters. The reason behind it is that there are companies that believe the rising transmitter approval rate along with radiation levels from other small electronics such as cell phones, microwaves, and computers in homes will pose negative effects toward our health.

According to a CCST (California Council on Science and Technology) report in 2011 there is no threat from the transmitter waves of the smart meters. This report also found that your daily technological devices such as a cell phone and microwave emit more exposure than the smart meter does.

Others have a concern over whether or not their privacy is still theirs.

Saving Money With A Smart Meter

With energy costs rising, a device such as a smart meter allows users to monitor where every cent is going. By this method, smart meter users will be able to save money within the household. But other studies show that 10% of randomly selected households did not show any significant changes. The results were underwhelming compared to the price they had to pay a month for the smart meter.

Many home owners are quite willing to take on the small monthly cost of the smart meter in order to gain access to the real-time information they provide. In fact, some Australian states require the use of smart meters.

If you’re curious to find out more or have a smart meter installed, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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