Preparing for your Air Conditioning Installation

Do you want to make sure that your Air Con installation is smooth and perfectly executed?

While the most important aspects of installation are certainly up to your technician there are a few ways in which you can make sure that the installation of your Air Con system is a seamless and perfectly planned event.

We’ve put together a list that you can use to make your Air Con installation day as simple and as easy as possible.Air Con Installation

First Up, Clearing the Workspace

  1. Cluttered areas may complicate the installation procedure. While the installation of your Air Conditioner should never mean you need to rearrange an entire room, it’s important to acknowledge that the clearer the working space can be, the less time the project will take.
  2. The working area should be as spacious as possible without causing you too much hassle. Enough room to lay out working tools and set up a ladder comfortably without needing to work around chairs, tables or other furniture that could easily be shifted is a standard requirement.
  3. Clear the wall and space underneath the location at which your Air Con Unit will be placed. For example, if it’s being placed over your kitchen sink above a window place, clear the sink of any dishes, remove objects from the window sill and pull down any wall hangings in the space.
  4. Take down any artwork, or photographs that may be jolted or bumped while the work is being carried out. While this serves as a personal reassurance to you, it also means you wont need to dust anything individually after the installation is complete.

IMPORTANT! Safe And Sure technicians are more than happy to help you move large or awkward furniture out of the way. If you’re concerned about moving anything, please don’t attempt to do it yourself, as we’ll be able to provide the extra set of arms to do it without compromising your safety.

Dust Busting

As the unit is put in place, you should be prepared to find that settling dust may find its way onto your furniture and other belongings. Your Safe & Sure technician will always do their best to ensure your home is respected and tidied properly after the unit is installed, though you may feel it is best to move smaller pieces of furniture or temporarily place them in another room so the dust cannot reach them.

Finding the Right Spot

Many clients worry themselves about placing the Air Con unit wrong, or having it installed in an inconvenient place. We urge clients not to stress over this matter as a Safe & Sure technician will always check, clarify and confirm the space in which your unit is to be installed.

Concerned you’ll run into trouble trying to operate your air conditioner?

Please don’t worry if it all looks a little space age. One of the best things about Air Conditioners today is their ease of use. We’ll show you how to use each feature and make sure you’re familiar with the remote control. We’ll also show you the easiest way to clean filters and maintain your unit.

Other Ways You Can Be Prepared for installation

If it is likely your small children or pets will find the installation process interesting enough to get involved, we kindly ask that you keep them distracted from the event as much as possible.

We know our clients prioritise safety in the home and we want to make certain that all occupants in the home are as safe as possible. While installation is a relatively short procedure, some of our clients find it easiest to have their very inquisitive family members cared for by a friend or family member in the short few hours it takes to have your air conditioner installed.

Plan For A Power Outage Of Up To one Hour

To maintain a safe working environment, it is crucial that your power mains are shut down during certain stages of the installation. Your Safe & Sure technician will give you notice before this event takes place, so you can boil the kettle, charge your laptop or phone just before the mains are shut down.

The installation of your new Air Conditioner should be an exciting day!

While taking care of your home, your family and pets during the service is the most important thing, we urge you to relax and know you’re in the best of hands.

Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning are committed to delighting you as a client and look forward to making sure you’re pleased with our service and your fantastic new temperature controlled environment is enjoyed as soon as possible.  You can always contact us with any further questions.

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