Upgrading an old electrical system in Brisbane?

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Here’s what your electrician will need to do.

If you’ve purchased an older home and intend to renovate it, you’ll most likely know exactly what needs to be done with the wiring in your home – particularly if you plan to upgrade to LED Lighting.

Many old homes need to be assessed for an updated electrical system. Like any other aspect of a home, old fittings wear out, so the electrical map of your home needs to be reinforced for safety’s sake and also for a modernised and more convenient system such as LED lighting, home theater wiring, WiFi/ internet connectivity.

So what will an electrician need to do? Lets look at some of the things that may take place during your renovation re-wiring.

First off, it is one of the initial and most essential stages of your renovation. Best done when walls are stripped bare and framework is exposed, your electrician can work faster, safer and more effectively.

Your electrician will need a design of the new electrical plan, so be sure about the location of any new points you need installed, or any that will need to be de-commissioned.

To get an idea of what you want and where you want it, you may need to plan the very basic bones of your interior design. For example, if the existing laundry only had one point and you needed two or three, where would they best be situated? Don’t skimp on measuring, and find out how much space you’ll need for separate appliances.

Some electrical elements will need to be decommissioned, such as switches, light fixtures, and outlets. After a thorough check for damage or interference from animal activity (rats and mice chewing through wiring is a common cause of household fires) practical work can begin.

Old wiring will be replaced with new, and most commonly will be thatching over what was previously used, and often along the same route, unless your renovations include dramatic internal knock-outs.

For those lovers of all things antique who wish to keep the antique appeal of your older home, don’t despair if your electrician tells you the fittings you’d like to keep aren’t made anymore. There are some fantastic vintage-angled replacements that look great in a renovated antique home, for this purpose exactly. If you want to look around for specific fittings yourself, just be sure to ask your electrician what to look for first.

Safe & Sure Electricians are Brisbane’s trusted and relied upon team for all your electrical needs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rewiring of your home, please call us for an obligation free quote.

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