Unsafe DIY electrical jobs cause 14,000 injuries per year.

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Here’s how to stay safe.

With all the information available on the web about DIY fixes and saving money by avoiding the expense of having a tradesperson solve your problem, it can become tempting to try and resolve your electrical problems yourself. If this sounds like you, we urge you to think twice!

Poorly planned DIY jobs are responsible for over 14,000 injuries every year, which means if you’re trying to achieve a result with little to no experience in a potentially dangerous trade, you’re likely to hurt yourself too.

We know that people avoid calling a professional. We see the consequences of inexperienced work so often. Don’t become another statistic. It’s possible you’re considering DIY over arranging for a professional to deal with the fault for any of the following reasons:


Need the job done immediately? Hoping for the best result without properly examining things first? This is one of the most common reasons that you’ll put off calling a professional, because you need it done right now. Rest assured, it’s possible to find a company that will be available to offer services in less time than you think!


One reason for attempting electrical DIY jobs is to save money. It’s usually a maintenance job and can be quite small, but lack of experience can end up costing you more later if things go wrong.

Saving Time

No one wants to wait hours for an electrician who could be late, or worse yet might not make it. However, finding the right business that values time as much as you do means you can trust their promise of punctuality. They really are out there!

The Challenge

Even if you think you’re able to solve the problem, it’s not recommended. Trust us on this. We can do it fast, which means you can get back to your favourite challenges, without risking your safety!

When it comes to electrical faults, the first thing that needs to be ensured is your safety, every time. This is why it is so important to call in an experienced professional and have them assess your concerns.

Safe & Sure Electricians are known for servicing the Brisbane area with quality repairs and trustworthy advice, which means you can trust us to take care of you and your home for a price you can afford. Call us for an obligation free quote today.

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