Tips for installing ducted air conditioning in to your home

Ducted air conditioning is a whole house cooling and heating solution. Once installed, every room of your house will be connected to a central unit which can be easily controlled and programmed. Say goodbye to hot summer nights and cold winter mornings with the seamless air conditioning option.

How does ducted air conditioning work?

Ducted air conditioning systems work by sending cool air into each room through a duct in the roof. There are four components, including the outdoor unit, ducting pipe for each outlet, central distribution unit and the system controller. The outside unit sends refrigerant gas, which is cooled and heated outside, to the central unit. From there, air is funnelled through the ducting pipe in your roof space and distributed by the vents located in each room.

Why choose ducted?

Ducted air conditioning has a wide variety of benefits that will help you save money and increase the liveability of your home.

The systems fit in seamlessly and are discreet, with only the air vents and return air grille visible inside your house. This will save you wall space and distributes air evenly across a room, avoiding the blowy feeling caused by wall-mounted units.

Ducted units are a great option if you want to cool more than three rooms but only want to install one unit. Ducted systems can cool and heat up to eight zones per unit. They will save you money because you won’t have to service and repair multiple units to keep the temperature in your house comfortable. Programmable timers on ducted systems are another great way these systems can save you money. You can set your system to run when you want to on a weekly or daily schedule.

Open plan designed houses often have zones that are hard to cool and heat with just one wall-mounted unit. Ducted air conditioning can be configured to allow more than one outlet per space allowing for more consistent air distribution and temperature.

Ducted system add-ons

For a better air conditioning experience, consider the additional add-ons available for ducted systems. Installing a MyAir system gives you complete control over your air conditioning via a specialised control panel as well as your smartphone. You can easily program your system to your desired settings even if you’re out of the house.


Before you install a ducted air conditioning system, there are a few things you will need to consider which will affect the size, location and efficiency of the unit. Ducted air conditioning installations require a thorough assessment of your house’s layout, construction materials and room design. We also need to consider how you use your rooms, the number of family members and the number of rooms you wish to cool. You may also need to modify your existing power and electrical network to accommodate the new system.

One of the most important parts of getting ducted air conditioning installation right is choosing the best installer for the job. Ducted systems can be expensive but will add value to your house and save you money in maintenance over time. Have a licensed and qualified air conditioning electrician install your ducted system to ensure all standards are met and your system runs efficiently into the future.

If you’re considering installing a ducted air conditioning system contact the friendly staff at Safe & Sure for more information. We will do a full assessment of your property and recommend the best system to suit your lifestyle and budget constraints.

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