Tips and Tricks for Air Conditioning Efficiency – Or Does it Need a Service?

Does using your air conditioner make you worry about your next electricity bill?

With the very warmer months coming into action, it becomes second nature to turn to the coolest setting on your air conditioner. It’s an easy choice to shut the heat out as you enjoy the cool blast – but did you know that with a careful planning, you can keep your house cool without needing to run your air conditioner on full every hour of the day? Read on!

Keep up the care.

Firstly, have your air conditioner serviced regularly (at least yearly) by an air conditioner service provider who is licensed to carry out the work. Not only does this maintain the warranty of your system a good service will also identify any major issues before it breaks and will have your home cooled perfectly in no time.

Work with your environment.

The sun, of course, adds heat to a room. Invest in heavyset shades, curtains or blinds to keep that heat out. Keep internal doors into the room closed when the air conditioner is running and never run your air conditioner over a sunny spot.

IMPORTANT! Check your home for open windows and doors before switching on your machine in the daytime. An open door or window lets cool air escape and causes your machine to work harder, wear faster, increasing the potential of overheating, not to mention increasing your electricity usage.

Facing a Heatwave? Cool your house overnight.

By following all the above rules, you can run your air conditioner part-time overnight on a low speed and top up the need to use it through the day. This works by cooling your house down from the inside overall, as opposed to spot cooling it when the day becomes unbearable.

Lastly, if your home just won’t respond to any of the tricks or tips above, it’s probably time to have a professional assess the machine and see whether it is a question of compatibility with your home, or whether the machine needs to be serviced or replaced. Many years of hard work will wear an air conditioner down.

If you’d like to find out whether your air conditioner could be improved with a service, or explore other models that might better suit your needs and cost you less money to run, call our team of professionals at Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning. We can assess your needs based on the unique set up of your home.

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