Three Main Types of Green Lighting Solutions for Your Home

Your home lighting is one of the elements of your home that provides the atmosphere you want in a given indoor or outdoor space. The quality of the lighting you choose will determine how well it satisfies your comfort levels. When you are interested in being energy efficient and environmentally friendly with your home lighting, you have green lighting solutions that will fit every aspect of what you want for your home décor and environment.

There are three main types of green lighting solutions from which you can choose.


Solar lighting is lighting that derives its energy from the sun. When the sun shines down on small solar panels used to grab the sun’s power, they convert the sun’s ray’s into electricity that is then stored in a battery until it’s ready to be used. The bulbs used in solar lighting are usually LED bulbs. Solar is the preferred green method of lighting for outdoor areas. Two benefits of solar lighting include that even in a blackout, they work and this lighting solution doesn’t require a lot of wiring like conventional lighting.


Light emitting diode is the long form of LED. It’s known as the most efficient type of eco-friendly lighting you can use for your home lighting. LED lights generate very little heat and these are known to last for many years. Usually, by the time LED bulbs die, the fitting will likely need to be replaced. LED lighting is environmentally friendly, which saves energy and money. While this kind of lighting comes in a low wattage, it generates very bright, yet realistic and comfortable light for any space.


CFL, or compact fluorescent lights require less electricity than incandescent lights, which saves energy and money. As a matter of fact, they are known to save up to 80 per cent less energy. They can also last up to ten times longer, which means you don’t have to replace them as often. Incandescent bulbs give off a lot of heat, but CFLs don’t. The latest technology for CFL lighting provides realistic, brighter light at a lower wattage. You can even find CFLs with dimming capabilities.

These are the three main options for green lighting solutions for your indoor and outdoor areas. You should speak with a licensed electrician before making a decision on the type of green lighting that will be best suited for your home. Once you make an informed decision, your licensed electrician can then install the appropriate lighting so you can enjoy the benefits of green lighting inside and outside your home.

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