The Secret Power of Kitchen Renovations

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The kitchen is the gathering place of any home. When you throw a party, where do most people congregate? The kitchen, of course! The kitchen is the most used room in any home.

A kitchen renovation is the perfect time to upgrade your functionality and ambiance. That is why it is crucial for you to get proper advice from a professional in order to plan out the best functionality and flow of your kitchen from beginning to end. One of the most important items, if not the most important, is the lighting and electrical features. There are some unique features available to you that will accentuate the positive in any kitchen.

Here are just a few options to consider when it comes to lighting and other Electrical Features of Kitchen Renovations:

  • Power Points: The days of unsightly plugs in your walls and baseboards are over. There is no reason to have long wires or ugly white plastic covers in your beautiful walls. There are trendy and hidden sockets that can actually be built into the splashback, and underneath countertops to blend in with your décor. For functionality consider where you use your appliances in the kitchen and plan for a power point in that location.
  • Fans: Kitchens can heat up when you’re cooking up a storm, consider adding a ceiling so you’ll be cool and comfortable.
  • Modern USB Switches: This is the day and age of technology and practically all technology is being run on and charged by USB ports and cords. All the more reason to replace those basic outlets with outlets that can accommodate several USB devices at once. This option does not take up any additional space and is quite convenient for those spur of the moment charges to cell phones, tablets, laptops, or anything else dependent on a USB.
  • LED Lighting: Having LED lighting installed under benches and under cabinets is an excellent choice. Not only is LED lighting more efficient, it is much cheaper to run. Many customers like to let their imagination run wild with LED because there are so many different ways to have it installed. Lastly, the crispness and brightness of LED lights are amazing. It is not even comparable to basic lighting and the new look is noticeable immediately upon turning it on.

One bit of advice is not to get caught up in the excitement of renovation and lighting so much you forget what the needs of each area in your kitchen are. This is very easy to do when you find out how many different and fun options are out there to address Electrical Features of Kitchen Renovations.

Just remember there are three main lighting types in a kitchen: ambient, task, and general lighting. All three of these are equally important, so make certain not to leave one out or put more thought into one over the other. But if you get overwhelmed – just contact us and ask for an obligation-free quote from one of our licensed professionals!

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