Stormy Weather: Get Your Home Storm Ready

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As we enter Queensland’s notorious storm season, it’s important to storm-proof your home against the often-unpredictable Queensland stormy weather. The past few years have been tough on Queenslanders. We’ve endured some rather wild stormy weather—floods, droughts, cyclones, and severe storms.

It’s important that you get your home storm ready, so we’ve put together this checklist to help you get prepared.

Knowledge is power

Get to know about some of the storm events that have occurred in your area in the past – if your suburb is prone to flooding, then create a safety plan with particular reference of what to do in the event of a flood.

Make a plan

Ensure everyone is clear on the protocol for dealing with an emergency. Make sure you discuss things like:

  • How a severe storm could impact your home
  • The location of exit points
  • Where to go if you need to evacuate
  • How to stay in contact if you’re separated from each other – consider what you might do if you lose mobile reception, etc.
  • Requirements for family members with medical conditions
  • What to do with pets

Emergency kit

Include the following essential items in your home emergency kit and store it in an easy-to-action location:

  • Your emergency plan
  • Portable radio with batteries
  • Torch with batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Gloves
  • Important documents and cash
  • Essential medication
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Change of clothing, toiletries, blankets, etc

Prepare your home

There are some simple things you can do around your home to minimise the impact of stormy weather, such as:

  • Check your roof regularly for leaks or loos tiles/ tin
  • Keep gutters, downpipes and drains clear
  • Remove tree branches that are close to your house
  • Secure loose items around your property
  • Identify the safest room in the house that you can take shelter in
  • If you live in a cyclone-prone area, get a builder to assess the structural integrity of your home
  • Fix shutters or metal screens to your windows for added protection.
  • Consider whether Surge Protection is appropriate for your home.

Be alert

Tune into your local radio or TV station for weather warnings, log onto the Queensland Disaster Management site, or listen out for alert messages on your landline or mobile phone.

For more information visit Hardenup.org or the Queensland Disaster Management websites.

Other handy telephone numbers include:
Energex – report power lines down 13 12 53
Energex – report a loss of supply on 13 62 62
SES – 132 500

Three facebook pages worth monitoring during storm season:

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