Stormy Weather continued: the Surge Protector

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As part of our storm preparation, we thought we’d give you the skinny on surge protectors.  How do they work?  Why are they a good investment?

Grandma’s House

I’ll always remember staying at my grandmother’s house during a storm. As soon as she heard that first rumble of thunder, she’d be off. Madly running about, turning off power points and unplugging every appliance in the house. Having grown up in tropical Queensland, she’d weathered a storm or two in her time.

Funny as it was to watch her fastidiously unplugging everything from the TV to her electric toothbrush (in case a bolt of lightning sent a surge of power down the power line).  It was also kind of annoying. If we can’t watch the TV, what are we supposed to do all night? Enjoy each other’s company?

If this sounds like your family during a storm, then you ought to consider a clever little device called a surge protector. Fitted to your circuit board, the surge protector protects all of the electrical devices in your home from power surges and blow-ups.

Not Just Storms

But it’s not just a case of bad weather that can cause a power outage and consequently, a power surge. A customer recently told us how a car crashing into a power pole sent a surge down the power lines that blew up their air conditioner, pool equipment and solar inverter.

Yes. Their home and contents insurance covered all of the damage. But they still sweltered for several weeks through the hot summer, without air-conditioning until it was finally repaired.

A surge protector effectively protects your home against the unpredictable, be it bad weather or someone else’s reckless driving! And if, like me, you can’t live without the TV for an evening, the cost of a surge protector is a small price to pay for peace of mind.  And to make sure you don’t miss an episode of Homeland.

Surge protectors can cost as little as $239 and should be installed by a licensed electrician. Contact the Safe & Sure team on 07 3269 9773 for more information.

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