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Regular air conditioning servicing is a great step towards keeping it in running order. Your air conditioning unit is one of the hardest working yet most neglected household appliances. Everyone wants an air conditioner that performs at peak levels season in and season out, but Brisbane’s humidity and the saltiness of coastal air can both take a serious toll on the inside and outside components of your split system air conditioner.

That’s another reason why it’s so important not to neglect a split system air conditioner servicing.

Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar only send qualified expert air conditioning technicians to service your unit.  Why would you trust an expensive electrical appliance to a cleaner? We attend many units that have been damaged because people choose ‘cheap’ instead of licensed expert. Also not all problems are ‘service’ some need a repair and new parts which is why Safe & Sure only sends licensed technicians to service, they are qualified on the spot to identify repairs and potential future problems. We offer three levels of service for your split system air conditioner.

Our Qualified Technicians will assess the condition of your unit on arrival and advise exactly what level of service and materials are required to get your unit back to it’s peak condition.
‘ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL’ for air conditioning servicing;

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Common Signs You Need Split Air Conditioning Servicing

Smells – bad or funny smells; burning smell turn the unit off immediately! If rodents have fried components you’ll need new parts.

Mould – you can see mould on the blades, on/behind filters; do not leave in this state, have your unit serviced as soon as possible so you are not breathing this.

Leaking Water – if water is leaking from the inside head unit you’ve developed a blockage and this definitely needs to be cleared by a technician; it may also require new parts depending on level of damage caused.

Smoker – if someone smokes in the house, tar can accumulate in the unit

Noises – banging, clicking etc; could also be repair required if mechanical components have failed.

Air Flow – if the air flow is reduced. If there is ‘no’ air flow is most likely needing a repair not a service.

Time – when was your unit last serviced? Units are meant to be service minimum yearly in domestic environment to maintain warranty. Commercial/Hospitality settings should be be monthly – quarterly minimum.

Dust/Debris Build Up – if you haven’t turned your unit on for a while, dust & debris will have built up and this can be sucked into the mechanical components of the unit causing bigger issues.

Best Result Is Customised Service

Safe & Sure conducts THREE LEVELS OF AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE which is dependent on:

  • how long since your unit was last serviced (should be done minimum yearly!
  • the mould, dust or debris built up
  • how often you run your unit
  • if any animals have chosen to nest in your unit (geckos, ants, cockroaches and insects love to call air conditioner units home)
  • someone smokes in the house
  • time since you last turned on your unit
  • if the unit is subjected to cooking environments – build up of oil and grease


A well-serviced split system air conditioner unit will cool, heat and dehumidify your home more effectively and will last for many years. It can also help your power bill efficiency.

Safe & Sure Split System Aircon Service

Signs Your Split Air Conditioner Needs A Repair
(Not A Service)

Your split air conditioner should only be serviced or repaired by a Qualified Licensed Air Conditioning Technician. This qualification is Refrigeration Mechanic that specialises in Air Conditioning; not an electrician; not a cleaner; not a plumber or your cousin’s mate down the road!

If your unit is doing any of the following it needs a repair, not a service. This means the technician needs to attend and diagnose the issue with the unit and what parts will be required, there is a charge for attending to perform a diagnostic assessment. You will then receive a quote for the repair so you can make an informed decision to repair or replace the unit. If your unit is a cheap brand or aged 10 years or over, you should consider replacement.

Common signs you need a split air conditioning repair:

Not Blowing Air – definite repair required!

Not Cool Enough – check the unit has not been left on ‘heat mode’ settings from winter; also 24 degrees does not make room cool… this is recommended temperature for energy saving not comfort.

Unit Turns On, Then Turns Off – this is a common indicator that your unit needs repair and likely require parts.

Fuse Tripping At Switchboard – indicates appliance is faulty, yes repair required!

Banging Noise – could be mechanical component failure, and should be checked to determine service or repair!

Smells – smells could indicate service or repair; if geckos have nested and fried components in the unit then new parts will be required.

Leaking Water – if water is leaking inside that could require new components as well.

Flashing Lights On Indoor Unit – not all lights are bad, some are related to the Energex peak smart devices. If your unit is displaying signs it is not working properly and has some flashing lights, colours or sequences you haven’t noticed before, it could indicate repair is required. As there are many different brands and models and each company uses individual indications, the best way is to refer to your manual’s troubleshooting section to tell you if it’s a problem indicated, or book a technician.

Safe & Sure - Air Conditioning Repair Mouldy Aircon with dripping water

Examples Of Recent Split Air Conditioning Servicing by Safe & Sure

You are cycling and breathing your air through these units; if they are full of mould, bacteria and dust is not good for your health. It is important to have them serviced at least annually (minimum for domestic). Education facilities, hospitality, retail and offices could be from monthly to quarterly servicing.  These units below are from Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane that we have attended and serviced recently.


LEVEL 3 Service  – Major Required

As you can see below, this split air conditioner was choc full of mould and required the fan barrel to be removed to be cleaned and the build up within the rest of the unit.


Split System Air Conditioning Servicing – 3 LEVELS OFFERED

As we’ve mentioned above, there is no ‘one size for all’ when it comes to split air conditioning service. Above are some examples of units we’ve attended recently and as you can see the build up of mould, dirt, rodents etc can be significant, and require a few hours to resolve the issue and get your unit back to its best condition.

At Safe & Sure we offer a split system air conditioning service across Brisbane to keep your system running at its best all year and your power bill down.

We only use Qualified Licensed Air Conditioning Technicians (which means they hold a Refrigeration License and specialise in Air Conditioning) to service your units. As mentioned above we offer 3 Levels of Service for Your Air Conditioner. Which one is required will depend on the state your air conditioner is in. Our technician can assess your unit and advise accordingly.

Our Multi Air Conditioner Discount

If you’ve got more than one air conditioner in your home, you’ll be amazed at the savings you can make by servicing all of your units at once. Take advantage of our multi-unit discount and book a split air conditioning service for all of your units today. The savings in electricity use and reductions in repair costs an annual service gives you will easily cover the cost of your tune-up and then some!

Risks Of Neglecting Air Conditioning Servicing

When it comes to air conditioners, the old “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” adage couldn’t be further from the truth. The consequences of not servicing your air conditioner can include:

• Risking contamination of your home’s air with bacteria
• Excessive energy use
• Reduced heating and cooling ability
• Need for avoidable major repairs and replacement

Conducting yearly split system air conditioning servicing helps you monitor any parts that may be on their way out, particularly in older systems. The majority of air conditioners that we repair haven’t been serviced and some breakdowns could have been prevented with regular servicing.

Hint: If you are going to install a new air conditioning system, have your installer set up an annual service so you don’t have to worry about remembering.

Does Your Split System Air Conditioner Need A Major Service?

Air conditioners that haven’t been regularly serviced, or never serviced at all, may need major air conditioning servicing.

Safe & Sure’s major split system service involves dismantling and cleaning – particularly the fan-barrel and drain pan.

This is usually required when there is significant dirt, mould or debris built up internally. If your air conditioner needs a major service, you’ll usually be able to see its poor condition from the outside of the unit.

Tar build-up from indoor smoking is also another common reason to get a major service. Major services take longer than the standard service and extra charges apply.


Split System Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

If you’ve been looking after your air conditioner’s filters and aren’t due for split system air conditioning servicing but your unit still isn’t performing well, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your system seem to be turning on?
  • Is your split system blowing air?
  • Does the air from the unit feel warm/cool enough?
  • Has your split air unit turn on, work for a short time, then turn itself off?
  • Is there a flashing light anywhere on you indoor unit?
  • Has your split system had time to warm up?
  • Is your remote control display visible?
  • Have you lost your split system remote control?


If You Think Your Split System Air Conditioning Unit Requires A Repair, You Can Find Out More Information On Our Air Conditioner Repairs Page

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