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Regular split system air conditioning servicing is a great step towards keeping it in running order. Your air conditioning unit is one of the hardest working yet most neglected household appliances. Everyone wants an air conditioner that performs at peak levels season in and season out, but Brisbane’s humidity and the saltiness of coastal air can both take a serious toll on the inside and outside components of your split system air conditioner.

That’s another reason why it’s so important not to neglect split system air conditioning servicing.

Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar only send qualified expert air conditioning technicians to conduct aircon servicing.  Why would you trust an expensive electrical appliance to a cleaner? We attend many units that have been damaged because people choose ‘cheap’ instead of licensed expert. Also not all problems are ‘service’ some need a repair and new parts which is why Safe & Sure only sends licensed technicians to service, they are qualified on the spot to identify repairs and potential future problems.

Our Qualified Technicians will assess the condition of your unit on arrival and advise exactly what level of service and materials are required to get your unit back to it’s peak condition.

Common Signs You Need Split System Air Conditioning Servicing

Smells – bad or funny smells; burning smell turn the unit off immediately! If rodents have fried components you’ll need new parts.

Mould – you can see mould on the blades, on/behind filters; do not leave in this state, have your unit serviced as soon as possible so you are not breathing this.

Leaking Water – if water is leaking from the inside head unit you’ve developed a blockage and this definitely needs to be cleared by a technician; it may also require new parts depending on level of damage caused.

Smoker – if someone smokes in the house, tar can accumulate in the unit

Noises – banging, clicking etc; could also be repair required if mechanical components have failed.

Air Flow – if the air flow is reduced. If there is ‘no’ air flow is most likely needing a repair not a service.

Time – when was your last aircon servicing appointment? Units are meant to be service minimum yearly in domestic environment to maintain warranty. Commercial/Hospitality settings should be be monthly – quarterly minimum.

Dust/Debris Build Up – if you haven’t turned your unit on for a while, dust & debris will have built up and this can be sucked into the mechanical components of the unit causing bigger issues.

Best Result Is Customised Service

Safe & Sure conducts CUSTOM SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONING SERVICING which is dependent on:

  • how long since your last aircon servicing (should be done minimum yearly!
  • the mould, dust or debris built up
  • how often you run your unit
  • if any animals have chosen to nest in your unit (geckos, ants, cockroaches and insects love to call air conditioner units home)
  • someone smokes in the house
  • time since you last turned on your unit
  • if the unit is subjected to cooking environments – build up of oil and grease

A well-serviced split system air conditioner unit will cool, heat and dehumidify your home more effectively and will last for many years. It can also help your power bill efficiency.

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Signs Your Split Air Conditioner Needs A Repair
(Not Aircon Servicing)

Your split system air conditioning servicing or repair should only be conducted by a Qualified Licensed Air Conditioning Technician. This qualification is Refrigeration Mechanic that specialises in Air Conditioning; not an electrician, a cleaner, a plumber or your cousin’s mate down the road!

If your unit is doing any of the following it needs a repair, not a service. This means the technician needs to attend and diagnose the issue with the unit and what parts will be required, there is a charge for attending to perform a diagnostic assessment. You will then receive a quote for the repair so you can make an informed decision to repair or replace the unit. If your unit is a cheap brand or aged 10 years or over, you should not consider aircon servicing but replacement.

Split System Air Conditioning Servicing

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