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Split System Air Conditioning Repair – Do I Need It?

Are you Googling your air conditioner’s problem in the hopes of finding find a quick and easy DIY solution?


No matter how simple the solution to your air conditioner’s problem might be. You should never attempt to open or fix a faulty air conditioner on your own.

In Queensland, it’s illegal to conduct at-home air conditioner repairs. This is because air conditioners are electrical appliances that contain water systems and some exceptionally dangerous chemicals.

If you’re not sure if you require split system air conditioning repair, it’s better to contact a professional air conditioning electrician to investigate. Because Safe & Sure install all brands of air conditioning. We are experts in identifying whether you need an air conditioner service, a repair, or any other maintenance.

Need Split System Air Conditioning Repair?

Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar specialise in split system air conditioning repair Brisbane wide. No matter what brand or model your air conditioner repair is for.

Our qualified, Brisbane electricians have years of experience conducting ducted and split system air conditioning repair.

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Whether your broken air conditioning system is in your home, office or industrial building, Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar have an experienced, trade qualified technician on hand.

Should I Fix Or Replace My Split System Air Conditioning Unit?

If your air conditioning unit needs repairing we will confirm with you if parts are available and present you with options before proceeding with any air conditioning repair work.

We may need to source new parts for your air conditioner, so it’s worth considering the age and the brand of your unit when making the decision as to whether it’s more cost effective to fix or replace it.

Things to consider when making the air conditioner repair or replacement decision that is best for you include:

Air Conditioner Age

The absolute maximum lifespan of an air conditioner is 15 years, the official lifespan of an air conditioner is 10 years. Air conditioner manufacturers are only required to keep spare parts for units for 10 years. So the consideration to split system air conditioning repair or replacement also depends on availability of parts.

Parts for popular models that were sold in large volumes tend to be available longer.

Unit Efficiency

The older an air conditioner is, the less efficiently it runs. New models can be up to 60% more efficient – a saving on heating and cooling costs that quickly adds up in the long run. Depending on how much you use you air conditioner, in a short amount of time a new system could pay for itself.

Overall Unit Condition

If your air conditioner has required repair/replacement of multiple or major parts on numerous occasions, it may be in your best interest to replace the unit. Replacement is often best for older air conditioners that may require discontinued parts.

For example, if your old unit has a coolant leak, then repairing the leak, adding more refrigerant and replacing the compressor (which often give out not long after fixing a leak) can cost more than replacing the entire unit with a new, lower end air conditioner.

Split System Air Conditioning Repair Signs

Not Blowing Air

If your air conditioner is not blowing any air this definitely is a sign it needs a repair.

Not Cool/Warm Enough

Firstly check your remote settings and that the unit isn’t left on the previous season’s setting ie. In heat mode at the start of summer. It’s also good to test the unit by turning it to the lowest setting i.e. if it’s not cooling, turn it 18 degrees and wait about 10-15 minutes to see if there’s an improvement.

Not Turning On

Check you have a display on your remote – if not, start with a change of batteries. Secondly, if your unit is on a separate circuit, check the switch hasn’t tripped in your switchboard and also that the isolator (outdoor switch) next to the unit is switched to on.

Unit Turns On, Then Turns Itself Off

If your Split System air conditioner turns on and runs for a short period of time and then turns itself off, yes, this is a common indicator repair parts are required.

Banging Noise

If a very loud banging noise comes from your split system air conditioner suddenly, your fan belt may have become dislodged. Turn the system off immediately to avoid causing any more damage. We recommend getting an authorised split system air conditioning repair person to inspect your unit.

Unit Is Tripping Switch In Switchboard

If your air conditioner is tripping the switch in your switchboard then this is an indication the air conditioner is faulty and needs a repair.

Leaking Water

If your air conditioner is leaking water, this can mean that it’s forming ice inside the unit. It may be because the system can’t breathe as there’s a blockage, or a problem with your drainage system. This is a common problem when regular annual servicing has not been conducted on the unit.

Leaking Coolant/Gas

If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant call an authorised technician immediately. Air conditioner refrigerant is toxic, very hazardous to the environment, and can be expensive to replace. Split air conditioning units are not designed to ‘lose gas’ like cars. If your air conditioning unit is leaking gas it needs a part repaired or replaced before re-gassing.

Bad Smells

If your air conditioner is emitting bad smells for long periods of time, the cause could be anything from a blocked drainage pipe, to a dead rodent or bugs inside your unit. In both cases, you’ll need to get a technician to check your unit and conduct any split system air conditioning repair required.

Flashing Light On Indoor Unit

If the lights are flashing your indoor split system air conditioning unit, this is communicating a sequence to say that there is an error with the system and will need a repair.

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