Daikin US7 Split System Air Conditioners

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Daikin US7 Split System Air Conditioners

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About Daikin US7 Split System Air Conditioners

The Daikin US7 unit is the top of the line air conditioner in their split system range. It features advanced control over room temperature, humidity, Airflow and air quality. The US7 is also Australia’s only Seven-Star Super Efficiency Rated System. Available in three different capacities, the US7, is perfect for anyone looking for a comprehensive and multi-featured air conditioning option.

Daikin Air Conditioner Warranty

Authorised Daikin Warranties

Daikin Air Conditioner Split Systems we install come with a 5-year parts and labour warranty. You can have peace of mind during this period if you experience major failure or any other foreseeable damage or loss. This warranty is only available through Registered Daikin Dealers like us. So Call Today for a Daikin Air Conditioner Installation.

Daikin US7 Split System Key Features

Powerful Dehumidification

Daikin US7s offer heightened control over the humidity of your room. The smart dehumidification setting can reduce the humidity of your room without changing indoor temperature. This makes it a perfect option if you’re looking for the most comfortable air available from a split system unit.

Advanced Humidification

To make you feel warmer and more comfortable the US7 will draw moisture from outdoor air and distribute it indoors. This helps you improve the comfort of your indoor air during dry period as well as reduce you heating bill and help those with allergies.

R32 Refrigerant

If you’re looking to lower your environmental impact and increase you air con’s efficiency then consider a Daikin US7. These units utilise R32 Refrigerant gas, which significantly reduces the global warming potential factor of the unit.

Two-Stage Filtration

Daikin US7’s house a thermal catalyst in their outdoor units to remove carbon monoxide in their air. The all mounted unit also contains a flash streamer that removes formaldehyde and allergens form the air. If you suffer from asthma, hay fever or other allergies and need an air con solution great clean air, then the US7 may be for you.

Two-Area Intelligent Eye

The infrared sensor on US7 units can detect when a room is unoccupied. It will activate energy saving mode if no human presence is detected for 20 minutes. This helps prevent cold draughts and adds to the US7’s superior economy and efficiency.

Coanda Airflow

Airflow: The Daikin US7’s Coanda Airflow streams air across the ceiling to rapidly and evenly cool areas. This makes it a perfect solution for anyone who seeking ultimate comfort.

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Free Quotes On Daikin Air Con

The free quotes that we provide are not only interest free but tailored to suit your lifestyle and budget. On the Daikin US7 Split System units we install our technicians will consider your rooms construction materials, aspect and use so you can have the perfect sized unit. These no-obligation quotes will give a better understanding of the costs associated with setting up one of these units and unlike our competitors will have no hidden costs.

Daikin US7 Split System Controls

Circulation Airflow

When in Circulation mode the US7 can more evenly distribute temperature within your space. This is perfect for cooling large spaces effectively. When is this mode the bottom shutter is closed to lower temperature variation.

Humidification Controls

These units contain an advanced humidity setting that delivers superior comfort. US7 models have six settings to which the humidity can be set. This is a perfect option to improve air quality, comfort and temperature whilst remaining efficient.

Fresh Air

The Daikin US7 offers a unique Fresh Air setting that takes in air from outside. This cleans the air in the room as well as the unit. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who has respiratory issues and/or want great clean air.

Self-Cleaning Filter

For the ultimate clean spit air con solution consider a Daikin US7. These units come installed with a self-cleaning filter designed to collect dust to be easily disposed of. This means it is the superior clean air choice for your space.

Quiet Mode

For quieter cooling and heating consider a Daikin US7. When set to Quiet mode the noise of the system can be reduced by 2-3dBA. This makes it great for anyone who needs to be considerate of their neighbours or want comfortable air during the night.

Countdown Timer

Daikin US7’s come with a timer function allowing it to operate once or daily between set times (e.g. 8:00am-11:00am). It is also fitted with a countdown timer that will let the system only run for a set amount of time (e.g. two hours). This makes it a perfect option for people who are busy and on-the-go or want complete control over their air con for peace of mind comfort.

Daikin US7 Series Specifications

Options Available

System – Reverse cycle

Capacities – 2.5 kW, 3.5 kW, 5.0 kW

Indoor Type – Wall Mounted

Power Supply – 1 Phase, 220-240, 50Hz

Refrigerant – R32

Front Panel Colour – White


Daikin US7 Reverse Cycle Split System Range

Bedroom Or Study

2.5 kW FTXZ25NV1B Daikin US7 Reverse Cycle

For bedrooms or spaces up to 24m2 in size.

7 star cooling / 7 star heating

2.5 kW Dimensions:

Daikin US7 Split System Air Con


3.5 kW FTXZ35NV1B Daikin US7 Reverse Cycle

Rooms up to 33m2 in size

5.5 star cooling 5.5 star heating

3.5 kW Dimensions:

Daikin US7 Split System Air Con

Large Spaces

5 kW FTXZ50NV1B Daikin US7 Reverse Cycle

Rooms up to 36m2 in size

3.5 star cooling / 4.5 star heating

5 kW Dimensions:

Daikin US7 Split System Air Con

Daikin US7 Split System Additional Features

Smartphone Control Adapter

Smartphone Control Adapter: Optional on Daikin US7 models is the Lan Adapter that will connect your US7 to Wi-Fi. This enables you to control your system anywhere and anytime on your Apple or Android smart device. By downloading the D-Mobile app you can have complete control over your system. This means you’ll have peace of mind over your air con virtually anywhere.

Great Finance Options On Daikin Air Conditioners

Our No-Obligation Interest Finance Options are tailored to suit your monetary and lifestyle constraints. All we need from you is a scan of your driver’s license and a few details then you could be approved within a phone call. We don’t do credit history checks. Our third-party payment plan provider will only take into consideration your existing pension or employment circumstances.

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