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Daikin L-Series Split System

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About Daikin L-Series Split System Air Conditioners

If you are looking for an economic air conditioning solution than a Daikin L-Series Split System Air Conditioner might be for you. The L-Series is Daikin’s entry priced option that offers flexible and reliable air con that caters to your residential and commercial air con needs. Reverse cycle units come in an extensive range of capacities from 2.0 kW to 9.4 kW. Quality heating and cooling has never been more accessible!

Daikin L-Series Air Conditioner Key Features

Air Purifier

Harmful particles are removed from the system and the air is cleaned via its air purification filter. This filter uses titanium apatite to deodorise the air and even deactivate bacteria. Daikin Air Conditioners lead the industry in producing clean air and this filtration system is one of the reasons that they carry the Blue Butterfly Symbol.

Wide Angled Louvers

The louvers Daikin installs on its L-Series Systems provides better airflow coverage. This allows for more effective heating and cooling in your space. The L-Series is a perfect solution for your split system air con needs.

Intelligent Eye

If the room your L-Series is operating is unoccupied for more than 20 minutes a sensor will automatically activate energy saving operations. This is triggered by an intelligent infrared sensing system. The L-Series will help you reduce wasted costs by boosting the efficiency of your system.

Multi-Dimensional Airflow

Daikin L-Series Split System Air Conditioner units incorporate both horizontal and vertical auto swing. This combination helps create air circulation in rooms of any size from bedrooms to large open plan living rooms. This means you’ll be able to more effectively and efficiently cool your space.

Automatic Fan Speed

The L-Series unit will automatically set its fan speed to optimal to suit the desired temperature. This greatly boosts the efficiency of the system. It’s one of the features that makes this a market leading product.

Standby Power Function

While your system is not in use the standby power function can automatically reduce energy consumption. This helps you reduce wasted costs and increase the systems efficiency.

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Free Quotes by Safe & Sure

Our fantastic electrical contractors will come to you to provide a Free Quote on your Daikin L-Series Split System. As a registered Daikin Air Conditioning dealer, we will factor in the many aspects of your space that will affect our recommendation to help give you the best priced option. These aspects includes size, function and construction materials as we aim to overlook nothing. Call Today to organise a free quote on a L-Series Split System Daikin.

Daikin Split System L-Series Controls

Program Dry Function

When set to dry function L-Series will automatically reduce room humidity. The micro chip in the unit automatically controls the airflow rate and temperature to rid the room of humidity. This is a perfect solution for avoiding dampness and musty smells. It also reduces allergens and improves air quality. Suited for those with persistent respiratory issues such as allergies, asthma and hay fever.

Operation Timers

Are you looking for a reliable unit that you can schedule to operate automatically throughout the day or week to cater for your needs? Than a Daikin L-Series Split System Air Conditioner might be for you. Have complete peace of mind knowing your air con won’t be running up your bill whilst you’re not home.

Powerful Mode

To maximise the L-Series cooling and heating effects Powerful operation can be utilised. It boosts your systems capacity for even if it is already on its maximum setting. This makes it a perfect choice if you need to cool or heat a room quickly and efficiently.

Comfort Mode

When in comfort mode the Daikin L-Series Multi-Dimensional function is utilised to optimise airflow in your space. This involves streaming air upwards during cooling and downwards during heating. An L-Series is a perfect solution for those who do not enjoy the blowing feeling some air conditioners make or want more optimised heating and cooling.

Econo Mode

Econo operation on a Daikin L-Series Air Conditioner is a function that limits the maximum power consumption of the system. This enables your system to operate with greater efficiency and prevent circuit breakers from tripping. This makes is a great solution if you need to operate high power consumption devices whilst you air con is on.

Quiet Mode

When in quiet mode the noise of the outdoor unit is significantly decreased. This is an important function if you need to consider noise levels because of your neighbours.

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The Interest Free Payment Plans we offer are customised to suit your lifestyle and budget. Our fast approval process means once we take a few details from you and a copy of your driver’s license, a phone call could be all that’s left before you’re approved. Our third-party payment plan provider doesn’t undertake credit history checks. They only approve based on pension or current employment circumstances.

Our guarantee is that we will show up on time, complete the entire install and leave your space tidy. If you receive a quote that may be too good to be true, it might be. Don’t double pay for your air con installation! All our costs are included in your repayment plan.

Daikin L-Series Air Condtioner Specifications

Options Available

System – Reverse cycle (heating & cooling) or cooling only

Capacities – Reverse cycle: 2.0 kW, 2.5 kW, 3.5 kW, 4.6 kW, 5.0 kW, 6.0 kW, 7.1 kW, 8.5 kW or 9.4 kW

Indoor Type – Wall Mounted

Power Supply – 1 Phase, 220-240, 50Hz

Refrigerant – R410A

Front Panel Colour – White


Daikin L-Series Split System Air Conditioners Range


2.0kW FTXS20LVMA Daikin L-Series Reverse Cycle

For bedrooms or spaces up to 13m2 in size.

4 star cooling / 4 star heating

2.0 kW Dimensions:


Or Study

2.5kW FTXS25LVMA Daikin L-Series Reverse Cycle

Room sizes 13m2 up to 16m2 in size.

4.5 star cooling / 4 star heating

2.5 kW Dimensions:



3.5kW FTXS35LVMA Daikin L-Series Reverse Cycle

Room sizes over 16m2 and up to 23m2

3 star cooling / 4.5 star heating

3.5 kW Dimensions:


Home Office Or Small Rumpus

4.6kW FTXS46LVMA Daikin L-Series Reverse Cycle

Room sizes from 23m2 and up to 30m2

2.5 star cooling / 2.5 star heating

4.6 kW Dimensions:


Small Lounge

5.0kW FTXS50LVMA Daikin L-Series Reverse Cycle

Room sizes from 30m2 and up to 33m2

3 star cooling / 3.5 star heating

5.0 kW Dimensions:



6.0kW FTXM60LVMA Daikin L-Series Reverse Cycle

Room sizes from 33m2 and up to 40m2

2.5 star cooling / 3.5 star heating

6.0 kW Dimensions:



7.1kW FTXM71LVMA Daikin L-Series Reverse Cycle

Room sizes from 40m2 and up to 47m2

2 star cooling / 2.5 star heating

7.1 kW Dimensions:


Large Lounge Or Open Plan Room

8.5kW FTXM60LVMA Daikin L-Series Reverse Cycle

Room sizes from 47m2 and up to 56m2

2 star cooling / 2.5 star heating

8.5 kW Dimensions:


We Do Full Warranties On Daikins

All Daikin L-Series Split Systems installed by Safe & Sure come with a five-year labour and parts warranty. As a Daikin registered dealer, if you experience a problem due to our workmanship you are protected under the warranty. We can replace your Daikin up to five years from the date of install or supply, giving you complete peace of mind.

Daikin Air Conditioner Warranty

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