Solar Power- is this power source right for me?

With the increase of people choosing to benefit from natural energy solutions, you may be considering making the swap to a cleaner, money saving solution for yourself.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar radiation, or energy from the sun, provides us with more than enough energy to power our everyday appliances and facilities. Energy from the sun is produced via photovoltaic (or PC) cells. When sunshine hits these cells, the electrons in the cells are energised, which generates electricity.

Rainy Days Don’t Mean Cold Showers.

The decision to integrate solar energy in your home can be influenced by many factors.  Contrary to popular belief, solar energy is not simply compromised by the weather. As the sun is always present, energy can always be drawn.

Some Benefits That Solar Energy Can Bring To Your Home:

The integration of solar energy into your home can help relieve the pressure of demand on unsustainable energy practises, together with reducing power bills. Reasons that are an incentive in helping you decide to make the change to solar energy can include both the long term benefits of solar energy and immediate advantages as well. Some of these provide the opportunity to:

  • Save on your electricity bills
  • Cut your contribution to waste or pollution
  • Provide a Silent Energy solution 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Solar energy provides a great, silent and pollution-free method of accessing energy. Solar energy continues to gain in popularity as advancements in the technology continue. Despite the initial costs of installing a solar panel solution in your home, those costs should will be well recovered within a few years. Furthermore with the continued rise in electricity bills and the life expectancy of solar panels to be around twenty-five years savings. As leaders in the industry, we back only quality solar powered energy solutions with leading warranty conditions. Our team of trained electricians are experts in the installation of solar energy panels and can help you arrive at a decision that will help you save in many ways.  If you’d like to discuss installing solar power in your home, Safe & Sure can assist. Please contact our friendly customer solutions team for more information today. 

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