Put more money in your pocket with a solar panel system service and clean!

Get The Best Out Of Your Solar System

To ensure you get maximum output from your solar system, it should be serviced & cleaned annually. Our solar system service and clean is conducted by a licensed electrician includes a system check of your inverter, DC Isolator check, water ingress damage, plugs, connections & fixing check.  Build up on the panels can reduce your earning capacity.

Build up comes from a range of sources:

  • Bat, bird & possum droppings
  • Mould & sea spray residue
  • Airborne dust & dirt
  • Tree sap
  • Road soot

Our Safe & Sure, clean and service checks include:

  • A professional clean on your panels by a licensed electrician
  • A system check of your inverter
  • DC Isolator check
  • Check for water ingress damage
  • Connections and fixing check

While we are servicing your solar panels, we can also take a look at other ways to help you save money on your power bills. Just let us know when you book your solar panel service and clean today!

Safe & Sure’s experienced licensed electricians are ready to give you great service for all your solar system maintenance and cleaning needs.   

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