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What Do You Need To Know About Solar Installation?

Have you been thinking about getting a solar installation on your home? Firstly, what you should know is not all solar power products are created equal. There are a lot of big national companies that offer cheap inferior products for a quick sale. Safe & Sure is a full service solar installation company, that we means yes we do solar installation, but we also repair, service, upgrade solar systems. We have and do see a lot of installations performed by contractors and have seen a lot of solar panel and inverter brands that are of inferior quality and fail.

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Choose Quality Solar Panels And Inverter BRANDS

Solar systems are NOT created equal, in solar QUALITY DOES MATTER!! And if you were being tempted to choose one of those cheap and nasty packages, please read the fine print! A lot of those ‘quick sale deals’ have this tiny fine print that the product can be substituted for something else if what they have nominated is not available! Make sure you are going to get what you think you are signing for…. or better still ask the salesmen if they’ve ever installed a solar system? Ask they why they’re picking that brand and product? Do they have it installed on their home? What independent reports do to they have to show the performance of those panels and inverter?

Safe & Sure salesmen are ELECTRICIANS, so in fact we don’t call them salesmen, we call them EXPERIENCED SOLAR ELECTRICIAN EXPERTS!  Our Solar Electricians have installed, repaired and serviced hundreds of systems. Safe & Sure only sell solar panels and inverters that we use in our own homes!

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The Warranty

There are three parts that make up your solar system warranty as well as making sure they’re all Australian based warranties. Firstly, is the warranty for the solar system inverter, the standard offering is 5 years, some solar inverter manufacturers do offer extended warranty as sales promotions and some offer extended warranty for a small fee. If extended warranty is available is it worth a consideration.

The second and third parts are the warranty for the solar panels. Solar panels come with a product warranty which is most commonly 10 years, some companies such as Phono Solar offer 12 years if the customer registers their panels online.  the performance warranty for the solar panels is most commonly 25 years, this talks about the decrease in performance over time. Again Phono Solar panel as an example decreases no more 2.5% of the “Peak Power at STC” in its first year and not greater than 0.7% per year with performance being 80.7% or higher at the 25 year mark.

At Safe & Sure we only choose reliable quality manufacturers that have Australian based warranties for solar products and that if something happens you will be able to have peace of mind as we are a full service Solar company. We repair, replace and upgrade many solar systems in Brisbane that were installed by companies that no longer exist. We see everyday the inferior solar inverters and solar panels that were installed on Brisbane homeowner rooftops.

All solar panels we install are tier-1 rated meaning that the manufacturer has achieved the highest standard possible through a reputable independent PV industry analyst. Some suppliers will claim the solar they want to install on your roof are tier-1 and try to offload inferior products. We will back up any claims that all are solar panels are tier-1 rated and are happy to prove the quality of our products as well as refund them if you’re not happy.

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To Battery Or Not To Battery?

If you are considering connecting a battery power storage system to your solar panels then there are a few factors that you need to consider:

  • The installers expertise
  • The feed-in tariff of your area
  • Whether you are adding batteries to an existing system or a new one
  • Your power consumption data

Batteries allow you to store energy during the day for use during peak times when electricity rates are higher and sell your excess power back to the grid.

WATCH OUT for cheap batteries and installers. Our systems are to last for … years, however some ‘cowboys’ around town will try to install systems that won’t last their warranty. There have even been cases of installers starting new business to avoid honouring warranties. Our cutting edge solar technology are sourced from recognisable brands that are leaders in their industry and have all attained a tier-1 standard.

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Size Doesn’t Always Matter

A solar buyer can be distracted by advertised big sized solar systems (particularly if it’s cheap!) however no consideration has been given to the quality of the product or if that size is necessary.   can be the most important factor that they base their decision on. However, the largest system is not always the best for your home and there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. These include:

  • Quality of the panels
  • Quality and size of the inverter system
  • Placement of solar panels
  • When you use your power
  • How much power you use

Our technicians aim to ensure your solar package is optimised for your home so that you can have the greatest impact economically and environmentally. This is done by incorporating all factors into the design of your solar system, which is a skill they have mastered after years in the trade.

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Who Will Do The Solar Installation?

The solar system industry having had government incentives meant a lot of cowboys rode into town to make a cheap, fast buck. Sadly we’ve attended many customers homes that received inferior solar installations from the teams of labourers (note, were not electricians) and the solar installation company that sold the system no longer exists, the customers have been left funding the fix.


Safe & Sure Electricians Air Con & Solar - Solar Panel Installation

Using solar energy is a great way to save money and add value to your property, as well as reduce your environmental impact.

We’re different to other solar panel companies, because we consider every property is unique. We’ve learned from experience that to get the best from solar, you need a system that’s designed specifically for your needs. There are many factors that impact how effectively solar panels can generate electricity.  And how much money you can save!

To ensure that your new solar panel system is tailored for you, one of our licensed solar electricians will visit your property and complete a full assessment, considering things like:

  • The materials used in your building (brick, timber, etc.)
  • The age and energy efficiency of your appliances
  • The energy efficiency of your lighting
  • Your current power tariffs
  • The position and size of your roof
  • The surrounding environment (e.g. is there a lot of shade from other buildings or trees?)
  • The times of day that you consume the most power

Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar is certified by the Clean Energy Council, so you can be confident that our advice is industry best practice. We pride ourselves on honesty and clarity in all that we do. We won’t proceed with an installation unless we believe solar is the best option for you. This is sometimes the case due to roof position or shade, which prevents a solar system from performing well and delivering good value. What’s more, if you don’t love your new solar installation, we’ll come back and address any issues for free.

Interest Free Solar

Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar offers interest-free payment plans that allow you to receive the benefits of solar panels without having to spend as much upfront for its installation. And because these payment plans have no interest, you can be sure that its cost won’t increase over time.

Have You Thought About Claiming Your Energy Independence?

Not only being self-reliant for electricity but doing something truly significant for the environment at the same time.

Recent improvements in lithium-ion batteries and related technology means that storing energy produced by solar panels is becoming cheaper, more cost effective, and more compact. It is now an affordable and realistic option to completely supply your home or business with solar power 24/7 without having to rely on electricity from big generators that use fossil fuels.

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