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Have You Ever Thought About Going Completely ‘Off-Grid’?

There’s great satisfaction in not only being self-reliant for electricity but doing something truly significant for the environment at the same time.

Recent advances in the evolution of lithium-ion batteries and associated technology mean that storing energy produced by solar panels is becoming cheaper, more cost effective, and more compact. It is now an affordable and realistic option to completely supply your home or business with solar power 24/7 without having to rely on electricity from big generators that use fossil fuels.

How Do I Know If Solar Battery Storage Is Right For Me?

One of our qualified solar specialist electricians will do a detailed assessment to assess whether a solar storage solution is the best option for you. We’ll visit your home or business to examine your appliances and lighting, and analyse several weeks of power consumption data to understand your usage patterns. Some home owners with a higher feed-in tariff may not get the full financial benefit of battery storage. We’ll compare the long-term advantages of switching tariffs and installing a battery storage solution versus your current setup.

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Ultimate Freedom

Solar batteries enable you to store solar power generated during the day for use at night and in peak usage times. They also allow you to buy off-peak electricity from the grid and store it for use during peak times, which is convenient when overcast days limit your system’s ability to generate power.

Solar battery storage can save you money and reduce your dependence on mainstream power companies and electricity produced using fossil fuels. You can even start small and install additional batteries at a later date as your usage change.

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Cutting Edge Solar Technology

Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar uses and recommends LG hybrid inverters and batteries. LG is a market leader in solar technology, with more than 200 patents granted for their solar related equipment – more than another manufacturer. They have the highest testing standards and long warranty periods. That’s why they’re our first choice in solar battery storage systems.

Hybrid inverters are intelligently designed so they know – with simple programming – which circuits in your home need the most power at what time. They can be retrofitted to an existing system or installed brand new.

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Emergency Power Supply

Hybrid inverters also have an emergency power supply option to supply a controlled about of power to a dedicated circuit in in the case of a blackout. For example, you can choose to send power to a light circuit and fridge so you have some light and can save your food in a blackout.

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