Spring-Cleaning Safely

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We all do it. but it’s time to be serious about Spring-Cleaning Safely.

Outdoor cleaning, renovations or add-ons to your outdoor living area.  Or, come Christmas time, outdoor lights, are all common things this time of year. But there are potential electrical hazards that you should be aware of before you carry out any spring-cleaning, repairs or decorating around your home this spring.

Cleaning With Electricity is dangerous.  Refer to this checklist to ensure you keep Spring-Cleaning Safely:

Using electricity outdoors:

  • Check your clearance distances are correct when seeking development approvals for home extensions, sheds, or entertaining areas.
  • Use portable safety switches when operating outdoor appliances and tools.
  • Spring-Cleaning Safely also means, taking care not to trim off your own power cable with your electric hedger!

Spring-cleaning the garden:

  • Check for all overhead power lines before moving tall objects or structures.
  • Hire a qualified tree-trimming contractor to maintain foliage near power lines.
  • Water and electricity do not mix.  Never allow electrical cables to trail through puddles, become water-logged, and never operate electrical tools in the rain.

Installing Christmas lights and powered decorations outdoors:

  • For outdoor lights and decorations, purchase only items that are approved for use outside. These specially prepared for use in outdoor weather.
  • Inspect all lights before installation.  Whether they’re brand new, or veterans from Christmases past.  Check for faults, broken bulbs or loose wiring.
  • Reduce the risk of electric shock by using a wooden ladder instead of a metal one.
  • Don’t overload extension cords and power boards—before plugging your lights and decorations in, find out the wattage rating of your extension cord/power board and the combined power requirements of your decorations.
  • Always turn off all Christmas lights or other decorations at night or whenever you leave the house.

Stay safe this spring and remember to check with an electrician before working on electrical areas around your home. If you come across any potential electrical hazards, contact an electrician immediately.

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