Affordable Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning Solution

The Panasonic 6 kW Ducted Air Conditioner is at an amazing discounted price. You can start enjoying energy efficient temperature comfort now.  If you’ve been considering a split system, this size Panasonic ducted air conditioning system is ideal to upgrade from just a single split. You will get the benefit of heating and cooling more than one room which would have been your limit with a split system.

Make Your Home Warm and Cosy Now

Our 6kW Panasonic Ducted is currently in run out model so the price has been greatly reduced. This is a very limited offer and only while stocks last. Our ducted installation will take less than a day so you can be warm in no time!

Panasonic 6 kW Ducted with 3 Diffuser Outlets and 1 Zone from $4,999

As the Panasonic 6 kW is a Mini Ducted Air Conditioner Size it is ideally suited for floor space 48m2 and under. If you’re considering a split system for your lounge room – you can have your Master Bedroom ducted also.

Living areas in an L-Shape with split systems struggle to distribute airflow evenly. Now with the Panasonic 6kw Ducted you can place 2 or 3 outlets in the room for optimum comfort and airflow solution.

If you have a two storey home with bedrooms upstairs, this would be the perfect solution to provide air conditioning to them.

And finally, it’s great for homes that have converted their garages to extra living room or home offices. Here are some design plans with the 3 outlets as an example, these are standard one zone control (meaning all outlets turn on/off together)

Top Floor of House 3 Bedrooms Each With An Outlet

Kitchen/Dining/Living With 2 Outlets and Master Bedroom 1 Outlet


Converted Garage (to rumpus or home office) with 1 Outlet and Two Bedrooms Each With 1 Outlet

Ducted Air Conditioning for Converted Garage and Two Bedrooms

Panasonic 6 kW Ducted with 4 Diffuser Outlets and 4 Zones from $5,799

Upgrade your Zone Control to four separate zones meaning each room that has its own dedicated zone can be individually turned on and off. Temperature setting and fan speed are one setting across the whole four zones on a standard control system. For individual temperature and fan speed control, you would require a MyAir zone control system.

Kitchen/Living + 2 Bedroom Each With an Outlet

Panasonic Ducted House Kitchen-Lounge plus 2 bedrooms

Top Floor of House, 3 Bedrooms + Activity Room With an Outlet

Panasonic Ducted Bedrooms Top Floor of House

Choosing Zone Control

Standard Zone Control Panasonic CZ-RTC4 Wired Remote Controller

With Ducted Air Conditioning rooms are referred to as ‘zones’. The Zone Control you choose is what determines if your ducted air conditioning system will run all the rooms run at once or if you can individually turn each room on and off or thirdly be able to set temperatures and air flow individually for each room.

The choice of Zone Control is a decision based on how, what and when you intend to use your air conditioner followed by what budget you’re considering both at set up stage and future running costs. As we have many years experience in designing and installing Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning, we are more than happy to help you work out the best option for your temperature comfort and lifestyle needs.

The standard zone control system with the 6kw Panasonic Ducted is the Panasonic CZ-RTC4 Wired Remote Controller. This is wall mounted in your home or office giving you the option of 3 fan speeds, reverse cycle heating and cooling and one zone, meaning all the system is either on or off together.


Upgrade Your Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning System to MyAir Zone Control System

MyAir is an additional add-on technology for controlling your Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning system.  MyAir starts with a wall mounted wi-fi tablet that serves as the hub for managing your air conditioning system. With MyAir each room can be it’s own ‘zone’ with the option to have its own temperature sensor, ability to set its own temperature and level of airflow. Safe & Sure are a MyAir Specialist Authorised Dealer, we’ve installed hundreds of the MyAir System and is our number 1 choice in zone control systems and we use it in our own homes too.

The HUGE ADVANTAGE of the MyAir system is downloading the MyAir app on any other smart device to control your system. Think you can be in bed and turn your system on or off or adjust the temperature. No more getting out of bed into the cold, you can have your air conditioner heating the house at the touch of your iphone,  Sunday mornings in bed just became extra cozy! Never waste your power leaving the house and the last person forgetting to turn off the air conditioner, you can simply look on your smart phone you’ll see and with one able to switch it off!!

You can also use your smart phone to see if the teenagers are running it on high at 28 degrees! And with a tap be able to turn it down 🙂


Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning For Your Home or Office?

Ducted Air Conditioning is the ultimate in temperature comfort, ducted systems will very quickly warm or cool the room.

  • Don’t like the ‘blowing air’ on you that split systems do
  • Need to heat or cool more than one room
  • The room is an L-shape
  • Multiple usage areas are in big open room i.e. kitchen, living & dining
  • Energy saving and efficiency with clever zone control
  • If wall space is limited ducted is a great solution
  • If outside space is limited, ducted is only one outdoor unit vs an outdoor unit for each split
  • Discreet look
  • Smart technology with MyAir zone control
  • Custom design floor plans for larger homes
Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning

Need Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning For All The Rooms In Your Home?

If the 6 kW Ducted Air Conditioner is too small for your floor space and number of rooms required, we will do for you a custom design using your floor plan of home or office to specify exactly the right type of system and zone options for you. If you don’t have floor plans, we’re happy to come out and do a site measure and plan just get in touch with us via our Contact Form or call our friendly team on 1300 507 735

Panasonic-Ducted-House-Layout With Flexi Duct

Safe & Sure Are Experienced Ducted Air Conditioning Experts

Panasonic-Air_Conditioning-Specialist-Safe-&-Sure Authorised-Specialist
Licensed Master Electricians and Australian Refrigeration Council ARC Business

Safe & Sure Are Authorised Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning Specialists

Manufacturers such as Panasonic are selective on the air conditioning companies they choose to award into their Authorised Specialist Network. Safe & Sure are proud that we achieved this through our length of time in business, the number of jobs performed and commitment to customer service.
Being an Authorised Panasonic Specialist means we have access to exclusive deals (like this 6 kW Run Out Sale!) and reduced prices on parts should they ever be required in the future.

Licensed and Qualified Refrigeration Mechanics and Electricians

As we are Queensland family owned business we only employ top quality, efficient and knowledgeable tradesmen. Air conditioning is a specialist field, we only employ in-house Refrigeration Mechanics who are specialists in air conditioning. As our team are qualified they received regular technical and customer service training and must adhere to business and job performance expectations.

Full Service Air Conditioning Company

Supply  –  Install  –  Repair  –  Service – Finance

Safe & Sure is a full service air conditioning company that’s already stood the test of time. We offer all air conditioning services including repair and service so we can keep your investment in top condition year after year. Our team have expert knowledge and long-term experience in the Australian air conditioning industry.

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