Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation

Home Owners and Lessors, are you informed and up to date about the legislations surrounding Smoke Alarms in Queensland’s new lessor/tenancy agreements? 

With more than 50 families every year losing a member to a house fire in Australia, it’s always a good time to make sure your smoke alarm system is functioning at optimal levels.

Recently introduced legislations regarding smoke alarm systems in Queensland homes may affect you, and it’s essential that you know what’s expected of homeowners and tenants when it comes to these updates.

Only working alarms can save lives.

It’s most common for house fires to take place during the night, while occupants are asleep and completely unarmed for taking action against a deadly incident. As the sense of smell isn’t active during sleep, it’s often the case that victims of a fire are overcome shortly after waking, by fumes and toxic smoke. Lives saved from a house fire are more often than not the product of a working fire alarm.

Details of the New Legislation

The new legislation makes lessors accountable for the conducting of thorough smoke alarm checks, including cleaning, battery replacement and testing within 30 days of a new tenancy. It is crucial to note that this new legislation also includes renewal agreements.

NOTE: Landlords reserve the right of entry to install the alarms.

Important Aspects of the New Smoke Alarm Legislation

  • Following this initial test, the tenant assumes responsibility for the conducting of thorough checks, cleans and battery replacement every 12 months.
  • Alarms must be located outside sleeping areas, with one placed on each level of the dwelling.  A basic protection floor plan includes installation of a smoke alarm between bedrooms and the rest of the house. Extra alarms are needed in homes where the sleeping area is separate from the living area. It may be necessary to install your alarms in bedrooms of heavy sleepers, or in the rooms of those who sleep with doors closed.
  • For those living in a property constructed after July 1997, the correct system and number of alarms should have already be installed by law.
  • The Lessor is legally required to provide the tenant with ‘rental rules’ documenting further legal requirements regarding the upkeep of functional smoke alarm system.
  • The legislation follows previous changes to the law regarding smoke alarms, where dwellings built after July of 1997 – or homes undergoing substantial renovations after that point – that these homes must have 240 volt hard wired smoke alarms installed, with battery power back up in the event of a power failure.

How Long Should Smoke Alarms Last?

Alarms over ten years old should be replaced. Generally, a system over a decade in age will not perform to an optimal standard, therefore it is important to maintain your home with an upgraded system.

What Types of Smoke Alarm Work Best?

Safe & Sure only install the superior Photoelectric Smoke Alarm.  Otherwise known as an optical or photo-optical alarm, this type of alarm detects particles present from combustion, in the case of too many house fires, a smouldering fire.

Benefits of a Photoelectric Alarm include:

  • Less likely to react in a false alarm situation
  • Contains no toxic materials (radioactive materials)
  • Works best for smouldering fire and dense smoke

Why Shouldn’t I use Other Types of Smoke Alarms?

Growing evidence supports photoelectric smoke alarms over others based on ionisation types as they will respond to a greater variety of fire types.

IMPORTANT! Your smoke alarms must be compliant with Australian Standards 3786-1993. For the greatest reassurance of safety, call Safe & Sure and have one of our electricians install an effective and reliable Photoelectric Smoke Alarm.

Safe & Sure are your first point of reference for all matters regarding smoke alarms and the new and current legislations. As the recognised safety-led professionals in Brisbane and surrounding areas, we’re 100% committed to your peace of mind. Choosing Safe & Sure Electricians and Air Conditioning as your trusted representative in smoke alarm installation, you’ll never again have to feel unsure about keeping those you’re responsible for safe. 

Would you like more information? Call us for more information about our superior quality smoke alarm product and installations now.

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