Dryer Not Working? Avoid This Annoying Problem

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Did you just reach into your dryer expecting to pull out an armful of fluffy towels only to find them damp or worse, completely wet? Faults with dryers are common and annoying, but can mostly be avoided with just a little extra attention where possible.

Like your washing machine and any other home appliance you regularly use, your clothes dryer tends to go unchecked until something goes wrong. It is something we should all consider, especially considering the expense of a newer dryer.

Here’s how to care for your dryer.

Don’t overload it. There is no point stuffing your dryer to the point you can only just close the door. Dryers rely on free circulation to evenly disperse heat. Over-filling is counterproductive and also zaps power from the appliance.

Find the filter and clean it weekly.

In some new dual purpose machines (washer/dryers) it is likely that a high volume of lint will be found in the filter. Lint and fluff block your filter, causing the machine to heat more slowly. For a truly dry load, clean your filter as often as possible.

Don’t overuse laundry products.

Too much fabric conditioner can make your laundry impossible to dry in a reasonable time. Make sure anything going into your dryer is free of residual products.

If your dryer has broken down, won’t heat, makes strange noises, or smells too hot, avoid using it until a professional can take a look at it. Your clothes should be dry enough to press and fold, or go straight in the drawers. If not, have your machine looked at. Dryers are notoriously power hungry so don’t pour your money into an electricity bill when it may just be in vain.

Many problems with heat in the drier come down to the humble element, which works to heat the machine and of course, dry your clothes. Problems internal to the machine are usually fixable in under 60 minutes, but shouldn’t be attempted by anyone other than a registered professional. Doing so can void a warranty on an expensive machine.

Don’t put up with damp clothes and unnecessary bills if you know your dryer isn’t working to standard. Safe & Sure Electricians can have the problem solved or help you to find an alternative in just a short visit. Please call our friendly team for further information today!

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