How to Make Your Home Secure

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Home Security. Not rocket science.

It has been estimated that home break-ins occur every 15 seconds in suburban areas. This proves one thing: home owners are making it too easy to gain entry to their homes. Of course, even with every single safety precaution in place, it is impossible to prevent every single burglary, however, that is no reason to make it easier for criminals!

Here are some great, and easy tips to increase your home security, and protect your property, and most importantly, your family!

Hold Family Meetings

Firstly, involve every member of the house, including kids in regular home security meetings. Discuss important items like locking windows and doors, using the alarm properly, and not opening the door to strangers.

Install Sensor Lights

Sensor lights are essential for security because they can sense an intruder simply by detecting motion and sending an alert to your main monitoring centre. Besides this, sensor lights can send an alert to an email or SMS when someone approaches your door, and alert when certain doors or windows are opened.  They also help save energy since the light only remains on when there is movement.

Avoid Using a Hidden Key

Stop hiding a key to your home under the mat, in the mailbox, or in a fake rock! Potential burglars also know about that old trick, and will search until they find it!

Install Motion Detecting Security Cameras

Motion sensor cameras are one of the most effective tools to deter a criminal. When someone crosses the path of the sensor they trigger a light and a camera. This will most likely stop the burglar in their tracks!

Use Signs to increase home security

Whether you have a dog or not, post “Beware of Dog” signs on your property. Place one by the front door and one on any fence gates. Also, place stickers from a security agency alerting a would-be criminal that there is an alarm system in the home. Whether or not it is true, this can deter potential burglars.

Install a Video Intercom System

Besides being an excellent device when you have children in the home, a video intercom system allows you to see who is at the door before you ever open it.

Home security is a concern for homeowners every day. It is one of the few areas in your home that you should not share with your neighbours. The safety and security of your home should be between your local police and your household.

If you are interested in installing a full home security system with some or all the above features, just give us a call today!

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