How to maintain your outdoor air conditioning unit motor

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioners come in a range of standards and sizes. From small portable coolers that can be installed with just a little work, right through to the units that require a large outdoor exhaust that can be placed on your roof or in a less obtrusive place outside your home.

Do you share limited balcony space or a patio with a large air conditioning ventilation unit?

While these machines look like they might need lots of care, they’re quite robust and it would take some extreme conditions for anything to go wrong.
While a specialist technician will include air conditioner maintenance checks that your outdoor unit is running well, in between those all-inclusive maintenance services, you may want to clean it to keep things looking tidy.

These units are made from durable material that is easy to clean. Look for any accumulated grit, dirt or obstruction that becomes lodged on your outdoor unit. Simply remove all loose material with a long-bristled hard cleaning brush and sponge down with hot soapy water to clean.

Free Airflow is the Key!

The aim is to improve the flow of air that the unit is outputting. Regular air conditioner maintenance can be as simple as cleaning your outdoor unit, and you’ll improve the efficiency of the unit overall as it works with greater efficiency when there are no obstructions to airflow.

IMPORTANT: Never use the warm air flowing from your unit as a source of warm air to dry clothes or hang washing. Though it may seem like a great idea, your ventilation system is outdoors for a reason – to produce free circulating air. You may completely obstruct the outputting airflow, both damaging your unit and breaking the warranty conditions of your machine.

Utilising Condensation from your Air Conditioner

When your air conditioner is turned on for more than a few days in a row, consider putting the condensed runoff to good use. You may be surprised at how much condensation your air conditioning unit creates. Throw it on some thirsty pot-plants or top up the birdbath at the end of the day.

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