How to cool every room in your home on a split system air conditioner

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Is your air conditioner failing to cool every room in your home? This is a common problem with many split system air conditioners today, and there are many reasons why it happens. Find out what it takes to Stay Cool!

Let’s say your split system air conditioner is based in your open space kitchen and lounge room, and your bedrooms are situated further down a passageway at the end of your house. While you may enjoy air conditioned comfort in your lounge room and kitchen, when you head to your room you are greeted with the humidity of your baking hot sleep area. Unfortunately, your air conditioning system may not be able to service those rooms because they’re positioned to far away from the cool air contact area.

Here’s how to maximise the flow of cool air that reaches those rooms, and minimise the presence of warm air in additional rooms not contacted by the cool air flow from your air conditioning unit.

  • Draw blinds and shades to reduce sun penetration into rooms
  • If you have skylights, consider investing in a sun deflecting cover
  • Use blankets, or draught-stoppers to block up under doors where warm air draughts can be felt
  • Set the timer and run your air conditioner overnight on low just before waking
  • Use the automatic temperature feature to balance temperature once ideal coolness is achieved
  • Be vigilant about closing doors and windows as they are used, and shutting off unoccupied rooms.

It is important to hire a specialist technician who can give you the most thorough plan for your home and help you choose the most effective unit for your needs. It is your choice to purchase an air conditioner that cools central living areas well, but make sure your sleeping areas are equally catered for to avoid extra expenses later down the track.

Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning are skilled in matching the perfect air conditioner to your home and your needs. Would you like to discuss your options? Talk to us about upgrading or servicing your current air conditioning model and cooling your home more effectively. Call us today and stay cool around the clock! We look forward to your call.  

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