How safe is your home? The three must have items to install or check

For most of us, a home is more than just a place to store our belongings. It’s the ideal spot for family gatherings and get-togethers with friends but most of all it’s a place where we can feel safe. Our homes aren’t just private sanctuaries, however. They are also the single most valuable asset most of us will ever own. That’s why they need to be protected.

Homeownership isn’t without risk. You can damage or even destroy your home through neglect, but a few simple precautions will warn you when something is going wrong and keep you and your family safe.

Smoke alarms

Every year, there are thousands of home fires in Australia. How would you feel if you lost memories, treasures or, even worse, a family member in a house fire?

Smoke alarms can give you and your family time to escape from a fire, but they only increase your safety when they work. When was the last time that you checked your home’s smoke alarm?

Your life and others around you are precious, so don’t forget to check your smoke alarm on a regular and consistent basis. April 1st is National Smoke Alarm Day, but you don’t have to wait until then. If you can’t remember when you last checked your smoke alarm, do it now.

Get in touch with a professional electrician if your alarm isn’t in good working order, or if you don’t have an alarm installed. Entrusting the job to an expert will ensure it’s handled quickly, safely and correctly.


Your home’s switchboard is the central controller for electricity in your home. Outdated equipment increases your chance of loss due to a fire. Electrical arcs in faulty wiring or overheating due to mismatches in load and capacity often spark fires.

If your lights flicker or fuses often blow, your existing switchboard may need to be replaced. You should also update your switchboard if yours is old because it’s not able to keep up with the demands of modern electricity usage. Replacing or upgrading a switchboard is not something you can do yourself. It must be done by a professional. Once your switchboard is updated, you won’t have to worry about fuses blowing any more.

Power surge protection

Whether it’s due to a lightning strike, or routine fluctuations in your provider’s power transmission, power surges occur frequently and without warning.  These surges can damage appliances and other electrical equipment. How much would it cost you to replace all the food in your freezer or recover lost data on your PC?

Sometimes, surges can even cause your home to catch fire. Let’s not even think about the losses that might mean.

While you might be tempted to buy a power board with inbuilt surge protection, keep in mind these devices provide only limited protection. They only protect what’s connected to them at the time of the surge, and sometimes they’re not powerful enough to do even that. Larger appliances hard-wired into your electrical system, such as a hot water heater or air conditioner, remain unprotected.

It costs very little to have your home fully protected – probably less than the cost of replacing the food from your freezer. It’s a small investment to keep your home and your family protected.

Most houses involve lots of time, money and care to transform them into the homes we love to live in. Don’t let all your hard work and effort go to waste. Call us right now on 1300 507 735 and keep yourself safe.

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