General Care For Your Air Conditioning Unit

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Air conditioners are the unsung hero of our homes in hot weather, yet we often forget their maintenance.

And then, something goes wrong that REQUIRES emergency attention. Remember these tips for Air Conditioner General Care.

Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning provide premium services in both the fitting and repairs of your air conditioning unit. We specialise in helping you maximise your air conditioner’s life, making the most of this wondrous invention in your home.

Acknowledge the work your air conditioning unit does.

Cleaning the air filters is the best form of maintenance possible. It’s important to check it every three months to get an idea of when it needs changing. Obviously, some seasons require greater use than others, but three months is a great rule to remember to check your filters.  This relieves any unnecessary stress on the motor of your unit, and of course, increases the quality of the air being circulated.
EXPERT TIP: Use your power bill as a reminder to clean your filters.

Maintain the outdoor unit.

It looks sturdy and unaffected, but it still needs attention. If your outdoor unit is in a place you can easily reach it to clean, e.g. on your veranda and not on your roof, then make sure it’s clean. Turn off the power, and use a bucket of hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush to carefully remove dirt and debris from the fan and protective grill. A blocked outdoor unit prevents clear airflow and can also contribute to overheating and inefficient functioning.
EXPERT TIP: Give it a hose when watering your garden.

Testing for efficiency on your unit.

Run a test on your air conditioning unit to make sure it’s reaching the temperatures you’ll need it to on hot days. Clogged filters rack up higher costs, so make sure your machine is happily bringing the temperature down without protest.

Your air-conditioner’s free gift to you.

Make the most of the free condensation that your air conditioning unit produces. Place a drip bucket under the runoff outlet and use the proceeds to water your garden in the evenings. Running your machine more often, and in high humidity, will produce more condensation.

Be patient when using your machine on hot days.

Set the thermostat at a reasonable temperature and let your house acclimatise slowly and accordingly. Over working the machine encourages breakdowns and temporary shutdowns that save the motor from burning out. If you know it’s going to be a hot day turn it on before the house becomes hot. It’s less work to maintain a cool air-temperature than to cool air once it becomes hot.

If you’ve maintained your outdoor unit well but still require a professional service, Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning are pleased to help. Call us  and book one of our air conditioning professionals today!

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