Install A Peak Smart Air Conditioner With Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar

Most leading air conditioning models supplied by Safe and Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar are eligible for an Energex Peak Smart reward. This means you could be eligible for cash back of $200 if your system is over 4 kw and or $400 for systems 10 kw and over.

There’s never been a better time to have one installed for summer.

Find out more about the Peak Smart savings here and ask us to quote you on a Peak Smart system when you contact us. 

Personalised Quote Service

It’s important to get the right air conditioning unit to suit your specific usage and environment. One of the many factors our professionals consider, relates to heat load. Install an air conditioning unit that’s too small for the area and it will end up working hard, increasing likelihood of breakdowns and repairs, as well as sending your running costs sky-rocketing. We consider the right air conditioning brand, model and size for your home or business against factors, such as:

  • Floor-space
  • Windows
  • Aspect
  • Construction
  • Function & purpose

We Make Your Air Conditioning Installation Easy

From our personalised quote service at your home, we bring the unit straight to you for installation, and we clean up after ourselves!  There’s no need for you to worry about dimensions for transport, or power requirements.

Most of our trades people are dual-trade, so any electrical requirements with your air conditioning installation will be handled in the one visit, saving you time and inconvenience.

Saving You Time & Money, Giving You Peace Of Mind

As our team are dual skilled electricians and air conditioning installers we save you time – you only have to meet one tradesman. And we save you money – you don’t have two bills!

As we’re licensed electricians, there’s no risk of voiding your warranty.  Other air conditioning companies do the electrical work that’s required for installation illegally because they’re not licensed electricians….we are!

Take advantage of the Peak Smart savings today!

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