Ducted Air Conditioning Servicing

Just because ducted air conditioners are out of sight, doesn’t mean they should be out of mind! Ducted air conditioners are one of the most used household machines. In order for them to perform properly year-round, they must be serviced accordingly. From only $268, we will perform our six-point ducted air conditioning servicing across Brisbane.

We maintain and conduct ducted air conditioning servicing on all types of systems, including:

  • Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners
  • Residential ducted air conditioners
  • Commercial and industrial ducted air conditioners

Don’t let Brisbane’s climate get the better of you! With all of the inside and outside components of your machine in good working order, your air conditioner will cool, heat and dehumidify your home as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Do I Need Professional Ducted Air Conditioning Servicing?

Unsure whether you need ducted air conditioning servicing? Check for the following signs that some routine maintenance is due:

  • Your ducted system is making more noise than usual. This could be the result of broken mechanical components, moving parts touching when they shouldn’t be, or incorrect installation.
  • An unpleasant odour is coming through your ducts. Bad smells should be checked by an air conditioning technician immediately. Smoke or burning smells can be a sign of mechanical or electrical malfunction. Mildew, bacteria build-up or dead vermin/insects in the ducts are other causes of bad smells. They must be dealt with by a professional.
  • Lower than normal air flow. If you’re airflow has lost power, you may need to have your air conditioner’s filters cleaned or changed.
  • Water is leaking out of the primary internal or external unit. The drainage system could be blocked or broken and a technician will need to clean the system out.
  • There is mould in or around your air vents. Can see mildew, dust or dirt around your ducted air conditioner vents? Contact us to clean/replace your system’s filter. A technician will also check the ducting in the ceiling for any splits, and clean out your ducts so you can be sure the air in your home is clean.
  • You don’t know when your ducted air conditioner was last serviced. Has been longer than a year since you got it serviced, or you know your unit has never been serviced? Regular cleaning and upkeep is needed to keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid and stop your unit from breaking. Book a service today.
  • Someone in your house smokes cigarettes indoors.

Risks Of Neglecting Ducted Air Conditioning Servicing

The vast majority of air conditioner problems could be avoided if the units are serviced regularly. Don’t wait until your ducted air conditioner breaks before you take action.

If you don’t have your system maintained, you run the risk of:

  • Mould and bacteria being spread through the air you breathe.  Dirty filters, splits in ducts, and foreign objects trapped in a system can spread contaminated air around your home.
  • Excessive power bills & lower heating and cooling performance. One of the biggest problems ducted air conditioning systems experience is leaking ducts. A return duct experiencing only 3% leakage will cause a 5% system capacity loss. Multiple leakages will significantly decrease system capacity and increase air conditioner operating costs.
  • Needless unit repairs and replacement. We’ve found that with regular cleaning and maintenance, the majority of ducted air conditioners we fix would have lasted longer if they had of been regularly serviced and maintained.

With annual ducted air conditioning servicing, Brisbane home and business owners can keep track of the health of their systems.

If you’ve never had your ducts inspected, we offer ducted air conditioning servicing around Brisbane, so book today!

Tip: If you are moving into a new house with ducted air conditioning, or are having a new system installed on your property, get your installer to book you in for annual ducted air conditioning servicing so you don’t forget.

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