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Get the ultimate in climate controlled comfort with our ducted air conditioning Brisbane wide.

If you’re a home owner or office manager, a ducted air conditioner can be a great solution for heating or cooling your interior space.

It really is the ULTIMATE in comfort, providing all your air conditioning needs with an easy-to-use system and a concealed design that doesn’t interfere with your room’s décor and furnishings.

We provide certified installation, services and repairs for air conditioning, so you can be sure our technicians will select and install the perfect system for your home.

Contact us and see why Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar are known as expert and professional air conditioner installers today!

Installing Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane Wide

Ducted air conditioning is renowned for its cleanliness, simple appearance and complete whole-of-home comfort. It’s one of the most efficient systems available today, allowing you to quickly heat or cool your home from one central system.

With features like these, a properly installed ducted air conditioner could effectively provide total ease and comfort for your home or business throughout the year.

Find out how Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar’s qualified air conditioning technicians can assess your ducted air conditioning zoning needs today!

Ducted Air Conditioners For Brisbane Homes

In today’s modern style of living, open plan houses have become the popular choice. Unfortunately, this type of floor plan doesn’t lend itself well to split system or window box air conditioner units, and it can often be a struggle finding wall space to set them up in, not to mention being inefficient systems for such large open floor plans.

With a ducted air conditioner, however, finding adequate wall space and effective heating or cooling for different rooms will not be a problem. Ducted air conditioning systems are ceiling-mounted, saving you wall space and allowing you decorate your walls and interiors as you wish.

And since it can be configured to access some, if not all, rooms, you’ll easily be able to heat or cool your living spaces as much as you’d like.

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioners

  • Minimal equipment visible
  • Ability to control room settings from outside of the room – perfect for sleeping children
  • Better internal aesthetic
  • Consistent and even air distribution
  • No need for wall space
  • Less units and machinery outside
  • Able to have multiple air flow outlets in larger rooms
  • No remotes to lose
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We Provide Specialist Service For A Wide Range Of Ducted Air Conditioner Brands

If you’re building a new home, choose us, as leading the ducted air conditioning Brisbane based. Wwe can provide the right advice and quote from your house plans.

The most important thing is to think about ‘how’ you use your home. This is important to maximise efficiency when planning a ducted air conditioning system for your home:

  • What rooms do you use during the day?
  • What rooms do you use at night?
  • Is there a baby’s room?
  • Are you a shift worker?
  • Do you have a home office or study?

There are many important questions to ask before deciding on what type of ducted air conditioner to get.

If you’re unsure about which system is best for your home and needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Our technicians are experts who have installed ducted air conditioning for years. This gives them the experience and expertise to answer any question you may have.

We also take into account your situation, your house or business structure, and your budget. We’ll be able to recommend the best air conditioner zoning and system for your property.

Safe & Sure Electricians Air Con & Solar Ducted Air Conditioning Brands.

Different Sizes

Ducted air conditioning ranges from 7kw (suiting a small low set home) and go right through to 27kw. Our expert technicians will be able to assess your requirements. They will recommend the most appropriate system for your needs and home configuration.

Most Commonly Selected Zone Usage

The zone selection is dictated by how you intend to use your air conditioning system. The more zones you have, the more you can control your energy usage. The following is a popular configuration for homes:

  • Each bedroom as an individual zone
  • Kitchen/Lounge room
  • Rumpus room
  • Study/Office

The simplest zone system, however, is what is known in the industry as a ‘Day/Night’ configuration. This setup groups the living room and other common spaces together on one zone, while all the bedrooms are grouped on another zone.

Although this is potentially cheaper up front by selecting less zones, it can actually cost you more in the long run because several spaces are linked together. That is, if you want to heat or cool only one bedroom. All the other bedrooms in the same zone will also be heated or cooled even if you did not intend to.

Not Only Do We Install, We Service & Repair Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane Wide

When it comes to installing a ducted air conditioner Brisbane wide, consider it as good as done with our team of technicians.

Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar, however, can do plenty more than just install them in your home. Our team of air conditioning technicians can also repair and service your existing system as needed.

Whether it requires new parts and equipment or a maintenance service to ensure that everything is working as it should, our technicians will able to do this for you. Having worked on an extensive range of ducted air conditioners in a variety of different settings, our team will be able to help. We can repair any system malfunction and, if possible, fine-tune your system.

At Safe & Sure, we understand that ducted air conditioning Brisbane systems are valuable investments. That’s why we’ll always treat your system with the same level of care and professionalism that we’re famous for.

So whether your system is straightforward or complex, brand new or not, you can count on our technicians. We will get your system back running in peak condition in no time.

The Top Ducted Air Conditioner Brands

Because quality and safety are always our top priorities, we’re made it a point to only work with companies that are reputable and highly regarded in their industries as well.

This commitment means that we only use parts, equipment, and machinery that come from reliable brands and companies. So when it comes to ducted air conditioning systems, rest assured that we’ll only supply and install systems that are among the best brands in the industry.

These include: Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Mitsubishi and Panasonic.

Enjoy Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane Wide Now and Pay Later With Safe & Sure

Contact the experienced air conditioning electricians at Safe & Sure for all your ducted air conditioner needs.

You can trust us to provide honest, professional advice that will best suit your requirements and budget for you.

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