Does your home need rewiring?

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Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, it isn’t always easy to tell if your home requires electrical rewiring.  There are many hidden reasons that can inhibit the safety of your home and your family, so without a real reason to go ahead and make the appropriate change, assessing the need for home rewiring is often a job that is swept aside.

So, there comes a time – even a few times in the lifespan of every home, where a homeowner must weigh up the likelihood of whether or not the home needs electrical rewiring.

Here are a few of the top reasons you should at the very least have your electrician assess your home for rewiring.

Repeated Blown Fuses, tripped circuit breakers or Outages

The rule of thumb is to have an assessment if any fuses blow, or circuit breakers trip more than once over 12 months. Blown fuses or tripped breakers indicate a lack of ability to handle the workload expected of it. Don’t waste time and don’t waste fuses! Note down the last time you replaced a fuse and report it to your electrician during the assessment.

Aging Wires and Fixtures

If it looks historic, it’s either very old or a great modern adaptation. While vintage fixtures and components give that appreciated olde worlde feel, there’s nothing charming about a house-fire.

There are many authentic looking adaptations of period style favourites on the market that won’t compromise the antique appeal of your home. If you’re looking at cracked, broken, deteriorating wiring, get it replaced as soon as possible, and again if you’re certain the current wiring system is older than 25 years.

We often talk about “blowing a fuse” but most modern homes have circuit breakers, and safety switches installed.  If you still have fuses then you should definitely have your wiring assessed for safety.

Lack of Power Outlets

We are a technologically progressive nation. One power point per room is rarely enough these days, when you consider the average need for charging, appliance use, lighting and miscellaneous activity that requires power.

Have your electrician update your wiring system to keep you away from power adaptor overload and live up to the present day needs.

Safe & Sure are Brisbane’s trusted electricians. We service the Brisbane area and beyond with courteous, respectful, and safety-oriented electrical work, that gives you and your family the reassurance you deserve.

For more information about Safe & Sure services, call our consultants and arrange your obligation free quote on rewiring your home today.

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