Desk and cradle wireless induction chargers

Your phone or smart device requires a dependable stream of energy available on demand to keep it powered up and ready to go. Keeping up with the necessary charging cables and accessories can be messy and time consuming. Luckily there is now a better alternative.

Reclaim your life

Wireless desk and cradle chargers are a practical and modern solution that will reduce the amount of cables and adapters you need to keep your devices running. These chargers are easy to install and suit any type of home or business. You won’t have any cables to lose or tangle and the chargers are compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Restore your peace of mind with the latest technology

Wireless induction chargers aren’t the same as standard “old-fashioned” power adapters. There’s no need to use long cords and clunky adapters plugged into both the device and an electrical wall socket. Instead, wireless induction chargers use electromagnetic power to keep your devices fully charged and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Each charger contains induction and receiver coils to generate an electromagnetic field which is converted back to safe and reliable electricity. Just plug your device directly into the charger and you’re all set!

Key benefits of desk and cradle induction chargers

Wireless induction chargers have a wide range of applications for both homes and businesses and are suitable for both phones and tablets. If you have young children and are worried about them playing with exposed electrical connectors, then consider installing wireless chargers. If you’re tired of looking for those misplaced cables, use the induction charger.

Wireless charges have a range of applications for businesses who want to streamline workspaces, meeting rooms and waiting areas. It’s a practical way to remove some of the safety hazards around the workplace.

How to install the chargers.

These chargers can be integrated into furniture and existing power points on horizontal and vertical surfaces. You will need a qualified and licensed electrician to install a wireless charger to ensure the job is done correctly and complies to current Australian Standards. An electrician will also help recommend the best possible solution to suit your charging needs.

Multiple options

We currently stock three of the most popular charger styles, including cradle chargers that offer a low-fuss, sleek, smart solution that’s compatible with most Apple and Android platforms. Just insert your smartphone or tablet into the charger to power it up. We also offer an integrated charger that can be mounted horizontally on flat surfaces, including furniture. Other induction chargers can be mounted vertically as well to give you the widest range of possible solutions for your home or place of business.

Get the job done right

If you’re tired of tripping over wires, and ready to stop wasting time searching for the right cable, an induction charger offers a practical and attractive solution, consider changing to a wireless induction charger. The experienced electricians at Safe & Sure will take care of the installation for your complete peace of mind.

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