Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Service for Your Home

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Are you ready to install a new air conditioning unit, but still not sure how to make your choice?

Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning have installed and serviced air conditioners as a specialty service for many years in the Brisbane region. We offer fast, convenient, and local services, so let us help you make an informed choice.

Based on what we know about choosing an air conditioner to suit the unique nature of your home, you’re sure to find a model to bring perfectly conditioned air at an affordable price into your home.

So, what makes a great air conditioning unit?

Great air conditioners just do the job without complaining, or causing your utility bills to skyrocket. It’s important to select your unit based on a number of factors, including budget, your expectations, the way your home processes heat, and how often you’ll need to use it.

Modern machines are quiet and built for longevity. They won’t necessarily take up a lot of space in your home and can be integrated within a days work in most cases.

Space compatibility.

The size of your air conditioner is crucial when lined up with the job it has to do. An air conditioner that is too big or too small will not work efficiently or effectively and waste a lot of power, so be sure to ask your contractor exactly what their recommendation is before you decide on a model based on a friendly recommendation from the neighbours, despite the temptation to do so! There are many factors surrounding heat load that our air conditioning professionals consider when recommending the right air conditioning brand, model and size for your home, such as:

  • Flooring size
  • Windows
  • Aspect
  • Construction
  • Function & purpose

We are more than happy to give you a personalised free quote.

Natural light, natural heat.

Things like  sunlight angles, window sizes and positioning, living spaces, the type of insulation your home has been fitted with, external shade, and internal natural light will all influence the type of machine best suited to your home. While ducted cooling is recommended for larger homes with many rooms, split system units are often recommended for smaller homes with open plan living or rooms in a close proximity to the source.

Money savers for the economically minded.

It’s important to let your contractor know if you need an energy efficient brand. An experienced contractor will be able to list recommendations that are up to the challenge of saving you dollars where it counts.

If you need any further assistance in choosing an air conditioning system, please contact us at Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning. We’re happy to offer advice, fit and service your machine, and can offer competitive rates for a premium service. Call us today!

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