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Switchboards And Safety

Did You Know It’s Mandatory To Have A Two-Hour Fire Rated Switchboard In Your New Home?

All components of a switchboard suffer from aging and wear and tear over the years. Though they may still do the job, they’re also more likely to cause problems by failing as they age, which means you may be risking the possibility of electrocution or fire in your home. For this reason, it’s critical to remember to consult a licensed professional and have your switchboard updated or replaced accordingly.

Ask us for advice on the modern switchboard available in a range of upgrade types, as there sure to be a type to suit your exact needs.

Voltage in switchboard. Checking voltage in switchboard with a detector

Your new or upgraded switchboard will be assessed and inspected by our fully licensed electrical professional, meaning you can rest assured your home is in the safest of hands at all times when it comes to the electrical safety in your home.

Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar have serviced the Brisbane and surrounding area for many years, bringing reassurance in both quality service and value for money on the workmanship we offer. Choose the professional electricians – Safe & Sure Electrics will keep you and your family cared for.

Safe & Sure Electricians are Brisbane’s trusted professionals in all aspects of electrical work including switchboard updates and repair. If your home is still running on a ceramic switchboard, call the trusted team at Safe & Sure Electricians to find out more about the range of options we offer.

Have the professionals assess your property for the best possible switchboard installation.

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