Protect Your Whole House Or Business From Power Surges

How Much Would It Affect Your Home If Your Lights, TV, Air Conditioners, Fridge, Pool Filter & Solar System Blew Up?

Think it doesn’t happen?  It does.

A power surge occurs when there is a sudden increase in voltage in the electricity network, which travels through the grid. The most common cause of power surges is storms causing lightning to strike near, but not directly hitting your home. We’ve attended many houses that have suffered a power surge and lost valuable household appliance items such as the fridge and solar power system. A lightning strike somewhere in the network can ‘travel down the line’ causing damage.  We’ve also seen power surges in home because a car in the suburb hit a power pole and ‘sent a surge up the line’.  Surges and spikes can damage or ‘blow up’ appliances and sometimes cause a fire storm. Occasionally simply switching the on/off button on an appliance can cause an electricity spike or surge.

Power Surge Boards Will Not Cover All Your Appliances

A power surge board you might purchase to plug in your TV or computer will only cover that appliance. It will not cover your lights, your air conditioner, power points, fridge, play station, pool and solar. systems. A surge protector fitted by an electrician at your switchboard will cover your whole house.

Its A Minor Cost To Protect Your Whole Home

Yes your insurance may cover the replacement for some of your items, but it’s also the inconvenience of living without your electrical appliances, power points and lights whilst your claim is being processed, and hopefully gets approved for their full replacement value! For less than $200 your home is protected, all done. You can sleep easier through that next electrical storm we get in Brisbane.

Protecting your switchboard from power surges could save you thousands of dollars in repairs, plus hours of inconvenience with your insurance company. Ask us about having one of our expert electricians install a surge protection device for your home today!

***BONUS*** Have Surge Protection Fitted At Your Home And You’ll Receive A FREE HOME ENERGY SAVINGS REPORT (Value $139)

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