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Do You Need Help With Installation, Set Up Or General Information About Your Phone, Computer & TV?

Not everyone is a wizard when it comes to even basic electrics in modern technology. Don’t waste hours trying to figure out how to set up the new TV! We can solve your problems in a jiffy, safely, surely and without the fuss.

We do it all – from sourcing the perfect fit for your home, installing, mounting and setting up your phone, TV and computer devices.

We’re recognised for providing a service that’s trusted across Brisbane and beyond. If you need help with your computer, phone or TV, 1300 507 735 and arrange for a member of our trusted team to give you the personalised advice you deserve at a price you’ll love.

Huge Range

Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar stock a huge range of products to meet your every need in computers, phones and TVs. We’re able to help with any set up or installation queries.

Advice On Category 6

Wondering if you should make the switch to category 6? Deciding whether you should update your cable requires quite a bit of consideration. Let us assess your needs and help you to decide whether the leap from category 5 to 6 is necessary.

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