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With the rising costs of electricity, efficient lighting can provide a significant opportunity to make savings in your home or business.

Modern lighting technology is affordable and our personal choice for LED lights now offers a three-year warranty on their products. Upgrades in power and switchboards are needed for many reasons and our new USB powerpoints offer a great opportunity to create cleaner spaces.

Planning A House Renovation Or Make Over?

Make the most and update your lighting

If you’re planning a house renovation or makeover, then it’s the perfect time to update your lighting. Spend some time thinking about the function of your room and any previous frustrations you may have had – light in the wrong place, or the room is too dark. Once you’ve worked out your lighting placement, then you can enjoy selecting some new fittings from the many lighting styles available today. Changing light fittings can be a cost-effective way to make over a room.


Bedroom lighting

With the opportunity to modernise your lighting in the bedroom, think about having a two-way switch design. That means there’s usually a switch next to the bedroom door and another switch beside the bed. Select some discreet LED downlights for the ceiling which will provide bright illumination for the evenings, and for functional purposes. We would recommend the LED downlights on a dimmer switch as well. Depending on the size of your bedroom you may require two to four downlights, with their designated switches to be at door entrance and beside the bed.

The second light choice should be the mood lighting around your bed. Either some nice wall mounted lights or adjustable reading lights above each side of the bed, or go for a recent trend with a pendant that hangs over your bedside table. Each side light should be connected to the switch at its relevant side of the bed.

Good thinking tip: You can put your bedroom lights on a two-way switch, that means you can turn them on at the door and turn them off beside your bed after you hop in!

Modern convenience tip: USB power points beside the bedside table can be handy for charging your smartphones overnight.  Bedrooms are where everyone sleeps and relaxes, so lighting fixtures that are subtle and style to induce setting that mood. This is a room where lighting should be kept soft to induce relaxation and sleep.

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