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Considerations when selecting a Ceiling Fan:

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to keep cool and are cost efficient to run. It’s important to know, not all ceiling fans are created equal! Things to evaluate in choosing ceiling fan installation:

  • Level of air flow it provides
  • The look
  • Sound
  • Functional use – fans with remote control are handy in bedrooms if you want to put the light or fan on or off in the middle of the night.

Our personal favourite is the Lucci range of fans.

Why? Because they match our criteria, they’re high quality, a great looking, provide great air flow, are quiet, good value for money, have a great product warranty and make your ceiling fan installation easy.

How much does it cost?

Each home is unique, so we recommend one of our estimators evaluate your site before giving a firm quote. Ceiling fan installations are dependent on a few factors:

  • Ceiling access – pitch in the roof, manhole access
  • Single or double storey – installing fans in a downstairs is possible
  • Mounting – is there timber in the ceiling at fan installation point
  • Safety – is there an earth cable? If not, we are required by law to install one
  • Materials Required – the length of cable & number of switches
  • Fan assembly – some of the cheaper fans have more components, so what might have saved you money upfront, costs more in labour time at installation

As a guide, it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to install a fan. As with any electrical work, there’s an economy of scale – more fans installed can lower the cost per fan, since our electrician is already working on site.

Already purchased your ceiling fans?

No problem! Our licensed electricians are experienced with any ceiling fan installation.

We create solutions to meet your needs, working with the building structure of your home. Due to safety and regulations, we can only offer ceiling fan installation on those you have purchased from an electrical retail store.

To enquire about installing your ceiling fans, simply fill out our online enquiry form or call 1300 507 735.

We’d love to help you with your ceiling fan installation.

Our Lucci Fans Range

Our goal is to make installing a ceiling fan as easy as possible for you!

We supply and install Lucci fans. View from our range below and we’ll bring the fans with us.  All Lucci fans installed by Safe & Sure come with a 3-year warranty.

Supply And Install –  INDOOR FANS – Wooden Ceiling Fan Range

Lucci Air Futura Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Installation Brisbane

Lucci Air Futura Eco Fan With Light – Indoor

Great fan with LED globes.

Safe & Sure Ceiling Fans Lucci Air Futura

Supply And Install –  INDOOR FANS – Metal Ceiling Fan Range

Airfusion Metal Ceiling fans are a great economical choice.

Safe & Sure Ceiling Fans Airfusion Command II

Supply And Install – OUTDOOR FANS – Acrylic Ceiling Fan Range

Safe & Sure Ceiling Fans Lucci Altitude Eco

We provide FREE safety checks with all of our electrical services, installations and upgrades

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