Shields to protect your investments

Chances are, at one stage or another your air conditioner, solar panels or electrical investments will be affected by external factors like mould, rust, gecko damage or bird damage.

To ensure they have the best changes of lasting longer, you need natural and effective products that prevent these problems before they cause thousands of dollars of damage.

You need Be Gone products!

Safe and Sure Electricians, Air Con, Solar and Smoke Alarms are approved and certified retailers and installers of Be Gone Products.

We believe that the best form of repair and replacement services is maintenance and prevention. We only use the best products on the market which is why we highly recommend use of these products.

Ask us about Be Gone Products next time we install, service, maintain, replace or repair your electrical goods.

Be Gone Products

You might think they enjoy trees and natural environments, but did you know that birds and possums also love nesting around solar panels?

They are notorious for finding shelter and building nests in and around solar structures, often degrading or damaging solar cells and connections.

No-one wants their solar investment compromised by birds – that’s where Birds Be Gone comes in.

It’s a non-lethal, powder-coating wire mesh that stops animals from getting into those critical areas.

It prevents damage, keeps their excrement off the expensive panels and extends the life of the panels.

Geckos might be small and cute, but they’re not as harmless as you think! These little critters are prone to making nests in areas like air-conditioners, meter boards and electricals, which can result in thousands of dollars in damage.

What if there was a simple, natural solution to prevent geckos from setting up house in electricals?

Introducing Be Gone Gecko: natural deterrent cubes to prevent costly electrical damage.

Suitable for a variety of electronics, including air conditioners, meter boards, lift shafts and motor rooms.

We’re all about saving the geckos – and your electronics – from damage or death!

Nothing deteriorates an otherwise functioning air conditioning system quite like rust.

You’ve probably seen it before: Humidity combining with metal parts to cause corrosion, causing air conditioners to lose their effectiveness in both cooling and heating.

If only there was a product to prevent the rust from forming in the first place and avoid those expensive repairs.

Introducing Rust Be Gone: a safeguard from moisture to increase air quality and the longevity of your air conditioning unit.

There’s a small but toxic enemy in homes and offices that can be dangerous to the air we breathe.

Mould: it’s all too common and it loves to make air conditioners its breeding ground.

So how do you prevent mould infiltrating systems and travelling through the air?

Be Gone Mould: the natural, environmentally friendly air sanitiser to protect your home and office.

Suitable for split or ducted air conditioning systems to prevents mould from multiplying.

Protect your electrical investments with Safe and Sure.

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